Xbox Game Pass gets eight additional PC games to complete October 2021

Eight more PC games are on their way to Xbox Game Pass, ending the rest of October. In the latest announcement, Microsoft confirmed eight games to start the month, including Face and Swery The good life. Finish things, we will have Riders, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Everspace 2, Age of Empires IV, and more.

Two of the confirmed games have already been released today. The two Riders and In the pit are now playable on the service. Riders Already spent a lot of time on Game Pass, but as a console game. From today the PC version is available. In the pit is a retro-style FPS rogue-lite where you fight demonic powers while doing your best not to die.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is getting more additions starting October 21. That day, prepare to scream long enough to find yourself in another episode of Dragon ball fighterz. The Arc System Works fighting game made a huge impact when it was released. The magnificent anime fighter has participated in many fighting game competitions since 2018. Along with Goku, the two Echo generation and Everspace 2 fall on the same day. Age of Empires IV arrives October 28 as a day one outing. In fact, the rest of the games are released on this day as well. They are composed of: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Bassmaster Fishing 2022, Nongunz: Doppelganger edition, and The forgotten city.

Game Pass updates and departures for PC in October 2021

In addition to new games, we are also receiving updates for those already on the service. Season 8 has arrived for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, bringing with it old sets of armor and a new map. Based receives its Hot and Hazy update on October 20. The two Minecraft and his brother ARPG, Minecraft dungeons, have Halloween event updates with spooky content that will be available until November 2.

Finally, as the games enter the service, others take a hike. Carto, Celestial, Comanche, Shadow East, Five nights at Freddy’s, Knights and bikes, and Unruly heroes are leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 31. If any of these games are in your backlog, now is the time to use them before they are gone.

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