WSOP MI: Responsible Gambling Tools Players Need to Know

Michigan is written in script on a yellow background.  WSOP Michigan now offers real money online poker games to MI players.  Learn in detail about the responsible gaming tools used by the WSOP to ensure the safety and control of players at the tables.


We are very proud of all that we have invested in research, training and technology to help educate staff and customers on the importance of responsible gambling.After much delay and much anticipation, WSOP MI is live, real-money online poker in Michigan, which finally launched on Monday.

Players who connect to WSOP MI will ensure the site is powered by 888’s updated Poker 8 software, which was rolled out globally in late 2020.

A full range of games are available to players, including the 888 lottery sit & go product, DESTROYas well as standard Sit & Go’s, cash games and tournaments.

Thanks to the efforts of WSOP to encourage Michigan poker players to come and discover its brand new site, educating said players on ways to manage their time and money on the site is paramount.

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Last check: March 2022

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“At WSOPwe view responsible gaming as an important initiative and want all of our Michigan players to benefit as a budget entertainment option,” Ty Stewart, please of the World Series of Poker to Caesars Entertainment told the responsible gambling site poker shield.

“We are very proud of all that we have invested in research, training and technology to help educate staff and customers on the importance of responsible gaming and we will continue to invest heavily to be a leader in industry in promoting responsible gaming.”

Responsible gaming tools can be set up by players through the poker client to limit the amount they can wager on the site or the time they can spend at the tables.

WSOP MI’s responsible gambling tools include:

  • Game time limits
  • Tournament Limits
  • Deposit limits
  • Loss limits
  • Buy-in limits
  • Reflection periods
  • Self-exclusion

These tools can be used individually or mixed and matched to a player’s preferences and needs to create time and space away from the action and keep their finances in order.

Responsible Gambling Tools at WSOP MID

What is a game time limit?

A playing time limit helps players stay in control of the time they spend on the site and helps them avoid falling into that poker black hole, spending hours after hours at the tables, without even realizing it. realize. A game time limit can be set so that only a certain amount of time (usually per day, week, or month) can be spent connected to the client, playing games. For example, if a player has set a game time limit of 10 hours per week at the online tables and they reach the 5 hour mark on day 3, they will not be able to participate in any further games until the end of this week and the next. the week begins.

What is a tournament limit?

A tournament limit is designed to help players determine in advance how many tournaments they are willing to play. Once this number is reached, the player will not be able to join a new tournament until the one he has already participated in is finished. This is a great way to limit exposure to the number of online poker tournaments a player can participate in simultaneously.

What is a loss limit?

A loss limit is designed to help players take a break and not be tempted to “chase their losses” – a common problematic gambling behavior. Setting a loss limit in advance means that once a player has lost that amount, they can’t play any more games until the preset time period is over. Even a short amount of time away from the tables for a player to clear their head can help the immediate feeling of needing to play more to regain what they lost.

What is a deposit limit?

A deposit limit limits the amount of money a player can deposit on a site during a certain period of time. This can usually be set during the registration process or at any time after registration is complete. Setting a deposit limit allows players to manage their money, only deposit what they can afford to lose, and prevents players from chasing after their losses. For example, if a player sets a deposit limit of $10 per day, once that threshold is reached, the player will not be able to add any more money to their account until the next day.

What is a buy-in limit?

A buy-in limit allows a player to choose games within their budget and bankroll size by pre-determining the maximum buy-in size – before they even take a seat at the table. This way a player is not tempted to play in a game where the stakes are too high for what he can afford to lose.

What is a withdrawal period?

A cooling-off period is designed as a way to take an extended break from the action, for a shorter duration than with self-exclusion (which we’ll discuss in more detail below.) WSOP MI offers cooling off periods for players of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or 5 months.

Players should contact WSOP support or live chat to submit their cooling-off request. Once a player has requested a cooling-off period, he cannot plead with the WSOP to restore the account. The pre-determined period of time must elapse for the player’s account to be reactivated.

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a way for players to prohibit themselves from playing on an online site and/or playing on physical sites. In this case, a player can self-exclude directly via WSOP MI and choose to ban themselves for 1 year, 5 years or forever. Again, this is non-negotiable. Once a player has self-excluded, there is no pleading with the WSOP for the account to be reactivated. The only way an account is reactivated is if the time period has passed.

Players can also self-exclude at the state level. In this case, Michigan has set up a Problem Gambling Helpline to allow players to quickly and easily self-exclude themselves from live and online gambling establishments.

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