Witch Queen’s ideal feature can only be enjoyed by a PS4 player

Destiny 2 would use the most recent version Expansion The Witch Queen really bought a ton: an exciting story, explained in crisp and surprisingly eclectic and diverse Legendary Quests. Of course, you play them on legendary. Almost everything else would be bland and a walk in the park. At least I think so.

The look down mechanic is quite nice, mainly because it applies to everyone nearby. With this, I uncover some cool insider secrets on the throne planet, which itself is an amazing new destination in the future universe. However, what I would like is for Deep View to get different consequences identical to the “Skill” of Ascended levels. Guessing and searching for treasure in Shattered Empire was really fun in period 15. But it’s a lot of complaining, because perception will work just fine as it does now.

The story is fantastic, the planet of thrones is really great, I really don’t like the armory, I admit it. Overall I believe Destiny 2 (buy now €34.82): The Witch Queen for good results, and I’m even more excited for the Apprentice’s Oath raid, which I can’t wait to see in all its creepy and spooky glory this weekend.

But the best feature of all is what avid Playstation 4 gamers will love the most. The Witch Queen launch party is the most important puzzle, however prepared. When gamers on all other platforms were already ready to play, luckily PS4 gamers had to wait around 80GB to get. It was like a new shopper with a larger arranged fact structure that is much easier to fix.

Or to put it bluntly: thank you very much Bungie for the new PS4 client, which doesn’t have to be unpacked and copied for an hour with every booger! When I tried to download the first revision of Witch Queen, I followed the typical example.
I fired up the Playstation 4 and pulled out Future 2 to begin the update action plan. And then I wanted to go browse, assuming the buyer would now be active for an hour. But it wasn’t like that. I was about to put my shoes on when the Future 2 audio started. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief! The video game was patched faster on PS4 than on PS5! At least that’s how it feels. So Bungie: Thank you very much!

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While limited wait times for patches never make up for exorbitant loading screens, I ultimately don’t have to wait all night for my MMO shooter to patch. It would make the end of the day more interesting! And just before everyone says what this text is for: let me settle for a game 😀

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