Windows 11 does not provide 100% revenue share for PC game developers

However, this does not apply to PC games. Rather, PC game developers will benefit from an 85-15 split where developers will keep 85% of all revenue, leaving 15% for Microsoft. Windows 11 brings a lot of changes to both consumers and developers (consumers get new features like DirectStorage and Auto HDR, for example).

The company confirmed the news in a blog post, “You’ll also have more revenue sharing options, like keeping 100% when you bring your own commerce platform to the Store for your app (this doesn’t include not PC games). “

The new Microsoft Store will allow app developers to add their own payment processing platform to completely bypass any revenue sharing with Microsoft. Developers who use their own payment system for their apps keep 100% of all income from purchases made in that app.

Needless to say, Microsoft has a vested interest in keeping a slice of game sales, even on PCs. Microsoft is unlikely to ever reduce its 70% to 30% allocation for console games just because it sells every Xbox console at a loss and uses game sales and microtransactions to recoup those hardware costs. This is actually the main reason Epic was judged by Apple; Epic put its own payment processing system in Fortnite on iOS in a blatant attempt to avoid Apple’s 30% cut. Apple responded by removing the game from iOS and claiming a ToS violation. This has led to a big lawsuit that could shake up the industry.

Summary of the news:

  • Windows 11 does not provide 100% revenue share for PC game developers
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