Why is fiber internet perfect for online gaming?

Faster internet speeds

Online games are highly dependent on fast internet speeds. In online games, you need fast internet speeds to download, stream, load and outplay your virtual opponents. To gain a competitive edge over your virtual opponents, fiber internet is key. Currently, the fastest Internet service available in the market is fiber optic Internet, which is not only affordable, but also surpasses cable and DSL Internet in various aspects, including Internet speeds.

When playing games online, you will need to have faster internet speeds so that you can download the content faster than your opponents and also be able to play the game without stuttering or buffering. With the help of fiber internet you can get smooth gameplay. The fiber internet connection ensures that you get the fast download and upload speeds needed to maintain smooth online gaming.

Lower latency

With a fiber optic internet connection, you are also guaranteed to get lower latency, which will reduce and smoothen the entire online gaming experience. If you don’t know what latency is, it’s the time it takes to send the command from your computer to the response server. Latency is usually measured in milliseconds (ms) and the lower the latency, the better the internet connection and gaming experience.

To achieve a smooth and enjoyable online gaming experience, reducing latency is essential because those few milliseconds can be the difference between killing your opponent in an online FPS game and getting killed. A lag is not only detrimental to the player’s online gaming experience, but it can also be very annoying and can even ruin the entire gaming experience.

The advantage of fiber internet is that you are guaranteed to get lower latency than a DSL or cable network. This means there would be no need to visit default gateway addresses such as and perform technical tasks such as port forwarding to reduce latency.

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