Which one should you buy this holiday season?

It will be difficult for gaming fans to decide if they want the Steam Deck model of the OLED Switch, as both have their pros and cons.

Valve recently announced Steam Deck for a December release, a portable platform that runs Steam OS. While different in many ways, the upcoming platform draws many comparisons to the Nintendo Switch, which is also releasing a slightly improved model in October called Nintendo Switch OLED.

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Some consumers may wonder which console they should buy. The entries below should help anyone on the fence make a decision. Depending on the type of player, the Switch OLED model or the Steam Deck will be perfect for the player on the go.

9 Steam Deck: Buy it if you already have a Switch

The prices of the steam bridge with valves are worth it

Even though the OLED Switch is a different purchase option, it doesn’t add anything to the internal components of the Nintendo Switch. It has a bigger and improved screen, but other than that, it’s not an iteration on the same level as a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Those who play primarily on their docked Switch will find the Steam Deck offers a more unique and improved experience compared to anything else a player already has at home.

8 Switch: buy it for exclusives

best switch games

The line between PC and console gaming has grown thinner in recent years. Even notable Sony exclusives are coming to PC these days. Nintendo retains its exclusives, making the Switch a valuable proposition for anyone interested in Super Mario or THE Legend of Zelda.

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Unless something drastically changes the gaming landscape, don’t expect Nintendo exclusives to hit PC anytime soon. The Switch on its own is worth a shot for critical and commercial darlings like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the wild.

7 Steam Deck: buy it if you are already in the Steam ecosystem

SteamHide Valve

The most annoying thing about any new platform at the start of its life is the lack of new games. Steam Deck immediately fixes this problem for anyone who already has a Steam account with a large library. Steam also often has a lot of auctions where games can be purchased for extremely low prices. Using Steam Deck on a train or on a long trip can be the perfect place for someone to profit from those impulse buys.

6 OLED switch: it’s cheaper

nintendo switch oled console image on black bg function

Switch OLED is the most expensive version of the Nintendo Switch available at $ 350. Steam Deck’s cheapest option already comes in at $ 399. If you’re looking to upgrade your Switch or jump into modern handheld gaming for the first time, the next Switch is a better alternative for anyone on a budget. Even so, anyone who plans to play the Switch exclusively in portable mode is better off with the $ 200 Switch Lite.

5 Steam Deck: it is more customizable

steam bridge in someone's hands

Steam Deck will be ideal for anyone who wants to bring their Steam library when traveling or on vacation. In addition, it is basically a small PC. Just about anything you can do on a desktop can be done on Steam Deck. You can even completely change the operating system. Nintendo Switch is all about the games and not a Pocket PC in any word. You can connect a mouse to Steam Deck and also connect it to a monitor, among other things.

4 OLED Switch: Multiplayer

Nintendo Switch Ethernet Multiplayer

Nintendo Switch has its share of board games from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With the Joy-Cons and other controller options, it’s pretty easy to build a four-player game without having to invest too much extra money. While controllers and other accessories will enable multiplayer on Steam Deck, PC has never been known for its local multiplayer.

If the household already has a Switch, another will allow more multiplayer options. four Joy-cons already allow multiplayer.

3 Steam Deck: More Powerful

Jesse control

Steam Deck boasts the ability to play most of the Steam library. Obviously, it won’t be on the same level as the Xbox Series X or the PS5, but early reports indicate it’s about as powerful as a PS4.

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The announcements already show Control and Eternal Doom – two visually impressive games – running on Steam Deck. Compare that to Switch which already has a lot of problems running cross-platform titles. Without a hardware upgrade on the OLED model, the new version will have the same issues as before.

2 OLED switch: it’s easier to understand

Nintendo switch lite model oled

As a laptop PC, Steam Deck requires a bit more skill to get around and understand. The Switch OLED model will work like other Switch models. Put or download a game and it will work great. It is not necessary to understand any settings or graphics options. The more options available on Steam Deck can also make it a bit more difficult for casual players to access. Young children in particular will be better off with the Switch than with the Steam Deck.

1 Steam Deck: More purchasing options

Return steam bridge

Nintendo Switch purchasing options have slowly diversified over the years. It launched with only one version before the Lite and now the OLED gave consumers more options. Steam Deck comes out the door with three different models. The wattage is the same, although the main difference is the storage size. The options are nice, but be aware that the upgraded models are expensive, between $ 529 and $ 649.

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