What to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The ninth generation of Pokemon games were first announced during a Pokemon Presents presentation on February 27, 2022. These new games were revealed to be Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Since then, much more information has been released about the games, which are set to release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. This includes starter Pokemon, legendaries, characters, locations, and more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet differ entirely from all previous Pokemon games. These latest games are entirely open-world, a first for the franchise. However, many original features of Pokemon games are still present, such as capturing Pokemon, battling, trading, etc.

This new direction of Pokemon games is something fans have been dreaming about for a while, and has already been featured in the spin-off game Pokemon Legends: Arceus to great acclaim.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything we know so far about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as the next generation in the Pokemon franchise.

What are the new Pokemon?

Many new Pokemon have been announced and introduced for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The most important are the new starters, as well as the legendaries. For starter Pokémon, you can choose from Sprigatito, a grass cat Pokémon, Fuecoco, a fire croc Pokémon, and Quaxly, a water duckling Pokémon.

The two new Legendary Pokemon are Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet. Additionally, a few other new Pokemon were announced: Pawmi, an Electric-type; Lechonk, a normal guy; and Smoliv, a grass and a normal type.

Who are the new characters?

The characters for the new games have been announced. They include the teachers, who are different for each game, and your in-game friend, Nemona. The design for the main playable character has also been released, and depending on the game you’re playing, your character will wear a different outfit.

As for the new teachers, if you play Pokemon Scarlet, you will meet Professor Sada. In Pokemon Violet, you will see Professor Turo. The games website states that “each is researching certain traditions passed down in the region”.

What does the gameplay look like?

The most notable aspect of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is that it marks a transition into an open-world RPG. This means that players can freely explore the game world as they wish. It’s very different from previous games, where exploration of the world was limited to where you were in the game’s storyline. This is very similar to the Pokemon spin-off title, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which was also a open world.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also include a multiplayer mode, allowing up to four other players to join you in the adventure. According to the website, you can “explore various locations in the region in these games with other players.”

Despite these new additions to the series, the games will still include gameplay features close and dear to the Pokemon series, such as capturing, trading, and battling.

Where are the games held?

The new games will take place in a region never seen before. Although the name of the new region is unknown at this time, what is certain is that it is going to be vast. Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first games to embrace open-world gameplay, there will be plenty to explore and discover at the player’s own pace.

Nothing has yet been released that explicitly details the new Pokemon series region. Still, the games trailer shows general aspects of the world. For example, the region seems inspired by Spain, which is supported by the Spanish-inspired names of Pokemon, and the appearance of stucco-style houses in the trailer.

Other regions of Pokemon games have also been inspired by real-world countries, such as Unova and Alola based on US locations and Kalos inspired by France.

How much will the games cost?

A digital version of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be pre-ordered for $59.99. The double pack is available at participating retailers and on the Pokemon World website. Additionally, you can pre-order the digital version for $119.99.

For pre-orders, head to retailers Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

Explore the new world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mark an exciting time in franchise history as the first open-world games in the mainline series. As with most Pokemon games, they’re designed to appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers to the series. Both of these games are worth getting excited about with all their new features and designs, keeping the Pokemon series fresh.

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