What kind of game can you find at the Manistee County Library?

The first video game debuted in 1940 at the New York World’s Fair. Atari was the first game console for home use. Favorite pastime of young adults and children, more and more adults are having fun. Gaming marathons and conventions are held around the world with competitions, costumes through cosplay, and gaming products.

The Manistee County Library offers a variety of games for XBox, XBox One, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 and 4.

National Video Game Day will be held on Thursday July 8, 2021. We can start their own marathon or work on your skills.

Sports fans can enjoy their own NFL franchise in “Madden NFL 20” (XBox One).

If you prefer, compete as a player, be the coach or create your own team. Players can go online or play on their own. “NHL 12” (XBox 360) allows players to create a player and show off their hockey skills to win the Stanley Cup.

“Kinect Sports” (XBox 360) requires a Kinect sensor add-on for players to compete in bowling, track and field, beach volleyball and more.

Bring the sports arena into the living room with “Mortal Kombat 11” (XBox One), a fantastic fighting game with a roster of 37 playable characters. Choose your weapons to protect Earthrealm alongside your colleagues.

In “Rocket League”, the player plays football with a vehicle at high speed. Matches last around five minutes and can be played one-on-one or up to four players.

“Far Cry 5” (XBox One) is set in Montana, where an apocalyptic cult has taken over. Players control the good guys as they fight for control of the county.

“Far Cry New Dawn” (PS 4) is a sequel to “Far Cry 5” and continues that story seventeen years later, with players rebuilding their community.

“Spider Man” (PS4) brings Marvel’s superhero to life as a seasoned crime fighter. Help him navigate his connections and career in New York City.

“Alien Isolation” (PS3) is intended for mature gamers. As Amanda, the player will have to deal with desperate people and an unpredictable alien to uncover the truth about his mother.

Also for mature gamers, “The Orange Box” is a collection of five games from “Half-Life 2” and “Team Fortress 2” where players battle against a mysterious villain.

“Xenoblade Chronicles” (Wii U) will find players struggling to survive on an unknown planet with a single weapon to protect themselves.

“Lumo” (PS4) allows the player to go on an adventure in more than 400 rooms. There are six hidden mini-games and plenty of other things to discover.

“Tearaway Unfolded” (PS4) uses the Dualshock 4 add-on to bring another dimension to the game. Use it to catch objects thrown off your TV, solve puzzles and help your friends.

Just like the TV show, take part in “The Amazing Race” (Wii). Go head-to-head or create teams of two to complete the challenges and win the ultimate race.

The Manistee County Library carries “Madagascar” (PS2) by choosing a character from the film, participates in a zoo break and tries to survive on the island of Madagascar.

“Barbie: Horse Adventures” (PS2) where the player attends the horse camp to train and compete with horses is another adventure.

For Wii consoles, “Lego Harry Potter, Years 5-7” (Wii) allows the player to experience Hogwarts, use magic and meet the Dark Lord. Using the Wii U, young players will have fun with Yoshi using yarn to create play spaces and find hidden areas in “Yoshi’s Woolly World” (Wii U).

Are you looking for a new way to exercise? The “Just Dance” series of games (PS3, PS4 and Wii) provide music and movement. The player just needs to follow the dancer on the screen.

Check out the old favorites that made you dance in the past. Video games promote hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, social skills, creativity, and could lead to a great career in game design, programming, audio engineering, animation, or translation.

Titles can be reserved from our online catalog at manisteelibrary.org or by calling your local library. Delivery between branches takes place twice a week. Put one of them or your favorite video games on hold today so you can start your game!

Kim Jankowiak and Becca Brown of the Manistee County Library write the recurring article on the same page which features available library titles around a revolving topic. Jankowiak is the Reference Librarian and Brown is the Library Traffic Clerk.

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