VR fantasy board game Demeo feels right at home on PC

If you wanted an RPG game with “good graphics” in the early days of the 1990s, your best bet was HeroQuest, the tabletop dungeon-crawler Milton-Bradley produced as a kind of introduction to Games Workshop’s more advanced Warhammer products. . Demeo is a cooperative VR board game designed specifically to evoke the best bits of games like HeroQuest, and today it’s available in a new PC edition that runs on standard flat “pancake” monitors.

In VR, Demeo has an obvious charm: it recreates the feeling of being around a tabletop miniatures adventure game, with miniatures to move around manually and dice to shake and roll. While the PC edition lacks the sense of presence that VR headsets provide, there’s still some standout physics to Demeo on conventional monitors. The numbers are satisfying token sounds when you drop them on the board, and the dice spin and bounce when shaken with the mouse pointer. To attack a creature, you take your figure and hit the enemy with it.

During each character’s turn in Demeo, you have two action points to work with. You can spend these points while moving, attacking, or using one of the cards in your hand. The cards you have are determined by your character’s class, but you can add to your hand by finding treasures scattered around dungeons, which, like in HeroQuest, are assembled from a selection of pre-made pieces in the library. Game.

You can get an idea of ​​the vibe Demeo was going for in the PC Edition trailer:

There’s something magical about the table itself: rather than just sitting on top of a virtual version of a normal table, Demeo’s dungeons are carved out of a dark void, so you have the feel like looking into a tiny, expanding world silhouetted against the surface of the table. The PC version gives you full control of the camera, and there’s a nice angled depth of field effect that makes everything look like it’s scaled to a table, even when zooming in close to the action .

During each Demeo session, your group of adventurers must go through three floors. The first two involve finding a key to open the way forward, while the third is a battle against a menacing boss. The game moves quickly, although the best part is the “table talk” between players as you try to strategize and plot the best moves.

Demeo: PC Edition includes the base campaign, plus the two “adventure modules” that developer Resolution Games has produced since the VR Edition launched last year. The PC edition will ship alongside the VR version, and current owners of the VR version will receive a PC edition when it launches. Plus, both the PC and VR editions are cross-play compatible, so you’ll be able to mix and match players using both versions in your party based on who has which hardware and how each prefers to play.

Later this year, Resolution Games plans to launch a PvP mode that will let you compete against your friends to see who the baddest dungeon crawler is.

Demeo: PC Edition is now available in Early Access on Steam.

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