Valheim Butcher Knife: How To Make One


The Valheim butcher’s knife has a special purpose. It was added in the Hearth and Home update specifically to kill animals that have fallen in love with you. I know it sounds terrible, but players tame and breed boars, wolves, and loxes not only for company, but also for resources. I’m not saying we don’t like our pets, but we also like turning them into food, clothing, and crafting components, especially since the update has added more uses to them.

Previously, you could kill tame animals with any old weapon, but it resulted in many accidental animal deaths when fighting with monsters. The Hearth and Home update requires you to enable friendly fire, otherwise your weapons won’t do any damage to tamed creatures. And since most people play with friendly fire, you might want to craft a Butcher Knife for when it comes to harvesting your herd.

Valheim Butcher Knife: How To Make One

The recipe for the butcher’s knife is quite simple:

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, you can find tin deposits in the Black Forest biome along riverbanks or by lakes or the ocean. Dig them up with a pickaxe and melt them into tin ingots in your oven. And we have instructions on how to craft and upgrade a Valheim Forge here.

With your new Butcher Knife, it doesn’t matter if Friendly Fire is on or off, you can kill your tame critters and do stuff with them. Hard, yes. But useful and quite tasty.


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