UPDATE: Chess grandmaster suspects anal beads could be at center of tournament cheating allegations

You may recall last week that a massive allegation of cheating shook the chess world to its core when world chess champion Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup after suggesting that his opponent, Hans Niemann was cheating.

At the time, I wasn’t necessarily shocked that cheating would happen in a game like chess, but rather bemused about the logistics of how it could be executed. Sure, cheating in an online chess game is as easy as running a few algorithms on the computer, but above all, chess? It has to be a little more complicated, a little more subtle, a little more…hidden.

And at least according to chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, a set of vibrating anal beads could **allegedly** be the culprit.

“An anal bead would probably beat the engine…I told you it was a prostate massage. But I’m no expert in that.”

There comes a certain point in every athlete’s life when they have to ask themselves “how badly do I really want this”. There are thousands of people who all have the same dream as you: to one day be the best in the world. And you have to find a way to give yourself an edge to stand out from the pack. Are you ready to train harder? Are you ready to prepare longer? Are you ready to **allegedly** shove anal beads up your ass to win a chess tournament? If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then you will never be the best in the world. But those who want to be great? Those who NEED to be great? They will **allegedly** do whatever it takes.

Sidenote: Bishop is starting to look really suspicious right now. That, my friends, is 10,000% a catch.

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