Ubisoft wins $ 150,000 in lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers

A federal judge rules that three people who sold illegal DDoS software for Rainbow Six Siege must pay Ubisoft more than $ 150,000.

A California federal judge ruled that three people who sold illegal DDoS software to Rainbow Six Siege has to pay more than $ 150,000 to Ubisoft, one of the largest game companies in the world.

For starters, a DDoS attack is the attempt to shut down an internet service by generating a lot of spam which in turn overwhelms the targeted server, causing the unsuspected victim to receive unplayable amounts of in-game lag. There are two common types of DDoS attacks popular in Rainbow Six Siege: a DDoS targeting Ubisoft servers or a DDoS targeting another player.

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A DDOS targeting Ubisoft’s servers is the most common and can happen to any player regardless of their platform. This type of attack will disable the entire server, which includes both parties and parties. On the other hand, a DDOS attack on a specific player is less common, but still quite popular. When this happens, a single target will have network issues, leaving other players unaffected. Still, even that could have outrageous reverberations on the game as a whole.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft claimed that the defendants were involved at some level in an illegal market “for services allowing players to launch DoS and DDoS attacks in competitive multiplayer games like R6S”. With Ubisoft claiming that individuals provided services through websites, which explicitly targeted Rainbow Six Siege for DDoS attacks.

In addition, the Assassin’s Creed The publisher then alleged that after the case was launched, the defendants “hastily sought to cover up evidence regarding their involvement,” for example by placing a bogus notification on one of their websites stating that the domain had been seized by the publisher and Microsoft. Once the dust finally settled, the court ruled in favor of Ubisoft on July 9. As a result of the ruling, the defendants were ordered to shut down DDoS services and the websites they operated and to transfer control of any relevant domain names to the publisher.

On top of that, the three men were fined $ 153,094.04 to pay Ubisoft, mostly to cover attorney fees, with affiliates also being barred from disrupting Rainbow Six Siege players and have been ordered not to undermine the “integrity, availability or condition of R6S servers and networks”.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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