Ubisoft has a secret PC game

Ubisoft, Capcom, and Activision are the few most leak-prone major studios, but there are times when the company is able to keep a secret from time to time. This one’s for the book that has even resident leakers puzzled as to what it could be.

What could be the codename Serenity?

Earlier today, a discovery was made by a Twitter user ALumia_Italia, which is well known for documenting Windows Store events. However, their latest discovery unearthed a mysterious discovery that only gave us 2 main details:

The first detail is that it is a PC game, and the second is the codename Serenity. That’s about all we know for the game so far.

However, it’s not yet known if the game will remain a PC exclusive, and perhaps we’ll learn more about other platforms when we learn more about the title.

When we tried to find out more by asking Tom Henderson, even he was confused about what the game is but is ready to find out the identity.

Keep in mind that we know the majority of Ubisoft’s unreleased projects so far as they are, with Skull and Bones being the next major release that fans are eagerly awaiting, with Ubisoft still keeping quiet about the next entry of Assassins Creed titles. and Far Cry so far, the company has yet to give any news about them.

Ubisoft before

Ubisoft Forward is set to take place on September 10, 2022, so hopefully we’ll know more details by then, but if not, it’s indeed a very interesting find that many fans will want to know. It’s good to be in the dark for once.

Let us know what you think the Mystery Project could be in the comments section below.

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