Two Point Campus’ latest course can give you your answer to Hogwarts’ legacy

Two Point Studios has unveiled a mystical module for Two Point Campus in a new trailer, giving the college management sim a Harry Potter gaming twist. Dubbed the “Sorcery Class,” the new gameplay element essentially lets players run a weird version of Hogwarts, complete with cauldrons, crystal balls, and pointy hats.

In case you’re out of the loop, Two-point campus is the next sequel to Sega’s medical simulation, Two Point Hospital. Of course, the series itself is inspired by the 1987 classic Theme Hospital, which is considered one of the best old PC games of all time. Even if you’re not into simulation games, Sega’s academic extravaganza could serve as a solution to Hogwarts’ legacy, especially if you’re just looking for something with magical vibes.

The Two Point Campus Wizardy course reveals a glimpse into Two Point Games’ wacky take on witches and wizards, including familiar activities like dueling and potion brewing sessions. A press release for the trailer even suggests there will be a “nefarious enemy” lurking, so perhaps the game’s shenanigans will be coupled with comedic peril.

So far, Two Point Campus is shaping up to be a wonderfully whimsical sim, paired with great pop culture references and themes. Back in February, we discovered the game’s Archeology course, where players form their own Tomb Raider team consisting of Lara Croft and Brendan Fraser.

Two Point Campus arrives on August 9, and it’s definitely one of the best PC games to watch out for if you’re looking for a silly simulation. Are you feeling impatient? Here are some of the best PC management games to try while you wait for school to start.

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