This video game that was denied on Pawn Stars sold for $ 2 million

After considerable time spent admiring the quality of “Super Mario Bros.” sealed. video game, Rick Harrison gets right to the point and asks the salesperson how much he wants for it. The salesman responds coldly, “It’s a piece of history, it’s something I find it hard to part with. But I would sell it for a million dollars.” Rick repeats the number to the salesperson just to make sure he heard it right, and there’s no doubt he’s serious. A long silence follows this absolute blockbuster of a prize – that is, until Chum breaks it by calling everyone in mind, “That’s a lot of money for a video game. “

Rather than throwing the seller away for wasting his time, Rick decides to call the Wata company, which assesses the quality of old video games, to see if they can get someone to come to the store to determine if the asking price by. the seller is suitably high or just plain greedy. Soon after, Wata founder and president Deniz Kahn walked through the store’s doors himself to offer his expertise. He immediately recognizes the game as “possibly the most important piece of video game history that our rating company has ever seen.”

The game is old and in great condition, and its rarity and value is extremely high as it comes from the test batch of around 10,000 games that Nintendo only produced from 1985 to 1986 when it first tried out. times to introduce its NES console in the United States. Marlet. This can be determined by the fact that the game is sealed with a sticker and not shrink wrap. Of these 10,000 or so games, only one – this one – remains sealed.

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