This Elden Ring mod completely overhauls combat

If you’ve seen and done everything The Lands Between has to offer, a new Elden Ring mod from Ghost8686 may help ease the wait for the official DLC. Dubbed Elden Ring Augmented, the mod makes New Game Plus much less of a pain in the RPG by doubling your runes and even letting you pick them up from anywhere. It also makes Torrent invincible – though not quite the Gigachad-Torrent of another recent mod – and adds a Sekiro-inspired deflect skill, if you can get the timing right.

The biggest changes are to Elden Ring weapons. Elden Ring Augmented adds Divine Armaments, four exceptionally powerful weapons based on existing, modified or unmodified weapons and skills and with their own bespoke lore and skills. Maliketh’s Black Blade uses the new skill Destined Death, which absorbs HP and FP, while reducing enemy HP.

Ghost8686 created the Elden Blade based on the Radiant Golden Order Greatsword, but adds a new two-handed moveset and a unique skill that creates a golden explosion after plunging the sword into the ground. There’s also a Bolt of Gransax spear and a modified Dark Moon sword, but that’s far from the scope of ERA’s adjustments.

All straight swords have the True Carian Sword Knight ability, which allows you to use spellblade attacks in addition to your own. Seals and staves can cast both spells and incantations, and all legendary spells have received a big buff.

There are a range of other welcome tweaks and changes which you can view on the mod page.

If you’re looking for fancier Elden Ring mods, there’s one that turns you into a Firebender, a Pyramid Head cosplay mod, and even one that lets you dress up as Sephiroth, because why not.

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