The world’s favorite game, Star Citizen for PC, is offered for free

It became known of a new opportunity that fell to all players to access the most expensive game in the world for free on PC, star citizenfrom the workshop Cloud Imperium Games.

The developers have launched another event called Free Fly as part of the Foundation’s annual festival to boost the spirit of the Star Citizen community.

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During the Free Fly event, players can play space simulation Star Citizen for free, which is available until July 15.

During the free period, players will have access to six ships – Dragonfly Black, Avenger Titan, Arrow, Prospector, Mercury and Cutlass Black – each providing access to different career paths and playstyles.

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The Free Fly event is a great way to try out the world’s most expensive game, Star Citizen.

It should be noted that the Star Citizen game, despite the already long development time, is still in the alpha testing stage.

At the same time, Cloud Imperium Games developers often release updates, adding new content to the game.

It should also be noted that the game Star Citizen has long won the title of the most expensive game in the world. So far, the developers have already raised over $459 million.

Moreover, the release of the project is still far away, and therefore the budget, obviously, will become even more important.

Star Citizen has a separate story campaign called Squadron 42, which is a separate project developed by Cloud Imperium Games.

However, Squadron 42, like Star Citizen, still doesn’t have a release date. Arena Commander is the second playable alpha component of Star Citizen.

It is a fictional space combat simulator that lets you test ship combat against other players or artificial intelligence.

According to the developers, Arena Commander features a highly detailed ship flight model that simulates flight using the ship’s mass, location, and jet engine power.

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