The Walking Dead and Ironcast are free to keep on PC

Free PC games July 8-15

Bridge Builder: The Walking Dead and Cast iron are this week’s free pc games on the epic games store, and you know what? I’m not going to skip them.

Lately I’ve found it too easy not to even bother to redeem some of these freebies, which is a weird feeling – there’s “Sure, I might play this game someday, as well”, and then there’s, “No, it’ll never happen. I love my ever-growing digital games treasure as much as the next person, but I have my limits in claiming things for the sake of it.

On the surface, it’s easy to point and laugh at the premise of a bridge building Walking Dead game given IP’s history in the game space, but as someone who played and ended up liking Bridge Builders Portal, I’m not just ok with this mish-mash puzzle game, I’m totally open to it. Daryl is less attractive than the construction simulation.

That said, the consensus seems to be that Bridge Builder: The Walking Dead is a less experience than one that is more building-oriented and charismatic Portal spin-off, so I’m going to keep my expectations under control. With resources to manage, I can sense some imminent frustration.

As for Cast iron, my thoughts are limited enough other than to say that the victorian steampunk walkers and gem matching gameplay are a good combo. Dreadbit goes for the Puzzle quest crowd, but with more randomization and roguelite hooks to contend with.

Worth diving into? I know some of you have played it and probably have some advice.

Looking ahead to next week, the Epic Games Store will be distributing Obduction (manufacturers of Myst) and Trading company outside the world (for economists who love RTS). Solid.

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