The Twisted Marionette returns to Guild Wars 2 next week

Do you remember the crooked puppet? The World Boss is a fan favorite that Guild Wars 2 fans were able to tackle long ago in Living World Season 1 of the MMORPG – so, in 2014 – which is, as the name suggests, a Giant, stomping “creature”. nuts, bolts and mischief. Now, with a few tweaks to bring the encounter in line with modern Guild Wars 2 offerings, the boss and his encounter return.

Twisted Marionette returns in Guild Wars 2 on July 14, and a brand new trailer gives us a taste of the refreshed encounter to watch, which we’ve included below. Fans who remember the original boss battle will recognize the angry robot-like beast they will remember, albeit naturally with a few improvements and tweaks. He’s been dormant in the game’s False River Valley since 2014, but he’s waking up very soon.

Still controlled by Scarlet Briar by huge dangling chains and glowing green eyes and flanked by mechanical enemies scattered across the platforms around him, Twisted Marionette seems like a furious boss for both veterans and new players to take on.

Here’s the new trailer to check out:

The July 13 update will also bring the Legendary Armory to the game, which is essentially a new way for players to unlock and use their Legendary Loot Collection. It’s accessible through the Gear tab of the Heroes Panel in the game, and it will allow players to access all of their Legendary gear across all characters on their account.

Both of these updates will be free to all Guild Wars players and will be integrated into live play next week. For the full recap, head over to the game’s blog at this link.

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