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Naughty Dog will unveil all-new The Last Of Us content to celebrate The Last Of Us Day on September 26.

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Naughty Dog has announced that it will unveil all-new The Last Of Us content this weekend to celebrate The Last Of Us Day on September 26.

September 26 is known among fans of games like The Last Of Us Day. Not because that’s when one of the two games came out, they both launched in June, seven years apart. September 26 is the day of the first game where the epidemic has reached critical mass. When there was no looking back for Joel, Ellie and the rest of the world the two games take place in.

Naughty Dog revealed via the PlayStation Blog that he will be celebrating this year’s Last Of Us Day in a very special way. By announcing all-new Last Of Us content, as well as revealing a range of new Last Of Us products. As to what that content might be, no one is guessing right now. The most likely scenario would be the long-awaited faction reveal of The Last Of Us Part 2.

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Factions is a multiplayer mode included in the first game, and it was supposed to be included in Part 2 as well. However, the game was already so big that Naughty Dog decided that Factions in Part 2 would be a standalone game. Various clues have emerged hinting that the studio is still working hard to build factions, and it may now be in a place where it can reveal concrete details to the world.

There is an outward chance that the new content will be DLC for The Last Of Us 2. Eight months after the first game’s release, it received the Left Behind DLC. The additional content filled part of the story of the original game and also told players about Ellie’s past. While this is a possibility, it seems unlikely that Part 2 will receive anything similar as it was not mentioned.

What it almost certainly won’t is news on The Last Of Us Part 3. It took Naughty Dog seven years to make Part 2, and that’s not going to rush the next chapter if there is. even one. While Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the outline for a third game has been written, he added that it is not in development and that there has not even been a conversation confirming that it will be. one day.

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