The Last Of Us Part I Remake is the best way to replay the classic in 2022

If you were to ask any Sony PlayStation gamer the one game a new PS adopter should try, the first game on the list would be The Last Of Us. Released nearly a decade ago on the PlayStation 3, the game still retains its I guess cult status – from story to characters to gameplay – Last Of Us is a journey like no other.


With the game’s phenomenal success, it was also remastered when the PlayStation 4 was released (almost a year later), giving it much more aesthetic fidelity, to make the most of the new hardware. And now game developers Naughty Dog have taken that to the next level, completely remaking the game, from the ground up, for PS5 players, promising more graphical fidelity and detail along with a bunch of extra inclusions.

While the PS4 remaster made sense, the PS5 remake definitely made some gamers question that decision, even more so with a price similar to any new game coming this year. I got to try this game on my PS5, almost seven years after first playing it on a PS3 Super Slim, and this is what my experience was like.

Richer, sharper graphics

One of the biggest changes this remake brings is a new level of detail in the world as well as character design.

From Joel’s beard to the crumbling, crumbling walls of buildings, the game truly lets you witness it all in excruciating detail. Even the characters’ expressions seem much more realistic. So much so that the game doesn’t even look like it’s ten years old. In fact, it could easily be mistaken for a title launched this year.

review of the last of us remake

The reflection in the puddles when walking through the streets or the detail in the shrubbery, the game looks phenomenal. They even found a way to make clickers more disgusting, with an extra level of fidelity.

The game offers you to choose between two visual options: a high fidelity with 4K at 30 fps and a slightly lower fidelity mode with 4K at 60 fps.

I chose the latter as I preferred the smoother frame rates, and even at slightly lower graphics settings the game was a step ahead of its predecessor.

DualSense makes you feel everything

When I first played Last Of Us it was on a PS3, and back then the controller’s rumble engines did a great job of making me feel the elements of the world. And so far, they’re doing pretty well.

However, with the remake, the game also makes the most of the PS5’s DualSense haptics and triggers, and boy, you feel almost everything.

Whether it’s a passing vehicle in the street, the tension of the bow on the trigger or the hammer blow of the revolver. The comments make the experience so much more surreal.

review of the last of us remake

Faster loading times

Another place where the remake improves the experience is that load times are now only a few seconds long. The PS3 and PS4 versions of the game took their time, due to the hardware of the time. Using the super-fast built-in SSD, getting killed isn’t as painful as it used to be.

More accessibility options

The Last of Us Part I gets the same accessibility options seen in Last of Us Part II from 2019 – such as audio descriptions for cut scenes, alternative control options, visual aids as well as options revamped combat and HUD.

review of the last of us remake

This game does however bring two new options under accessibility – a new speedrunning mode and a harder difficulty, where dying can cause you to lose a lot more completion.

Fight a little better

The combat on Last of Us Part I has also been tweaked slightly, and now it feels relatively snappier, though it’s still not as snappy as we’d like. Still, it’s so much better than the PS3 version was. In fact, even the enemy AI seems to get an upgrade, which makes taking down clickers and runners all the more difficult.

review of the last of us remake

Should we buy Last Of Us Part I?

The Last Of Us Part I offers nothing new in story compared to the original. The only improvements are those that improve the overall viewing and gaming experience and having finished the remake, it’s safe to say that this is the only right way to enjoy the critically acclaimed title if you’re playing it for the first time on a PS5.

review of the last of us remake

For those who want to replay this on their new console, the price of Rs 4,999 might seem a little steep, but if you enjoyed it the first time, chances are you’ll enjoy it even more with the visual, the audio and haptic upgrades it has to offer make it worth it.

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