The development story of Kairosoft’s classic simulation game is now on Steam

Game Developer Story

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Drives, an occasional touch with emulation and board game ports aside, I don’t normally play games on my phone. Never. But over the years I made a major concession and played the shit of a series of management games published by the Japanese studio Kairosoft.

Starting in the mid-90s, Kairosoft had incredible success releasing game after game that often had the same fundamentals – taking over a business/place/organization and making it as wonderful as possible – but with minor tweaks and changes to their settings that keep things fair fresh enough that you want to play more than one.

Most Kairosoft releases have been on mobile, with a few Windows ports, but this is sort of the first time these games are coming to Steam, which means that it will also be the first opportunity for many people to try them. Which I highly recommend!

Sure, they might lack the depth of games designed for the desktop, and some windows and controls look a little odd on larger screens, but the two things that make Kairosoft games great: their crisp numbers and overwhelming heart– Are still there.

Not all Kairosoft games available in English have been released; only five have been released so far, although that number includes Game Developer Story, which is the one many fans would suggest you try first anyway, as it’s a thought-provoking, funny, and oddly accurate look at how the gaming industry has changed over the past few decades (although this game is now old enough that it itself feels a bit dated). It can also – and I’m sorry to put you in this position – make you feel an ounce of understanding for the role of a money-hungry video game executive.

With a bit of luck History of the mega mall (where you run a mall) and their excellent sports management games, History of the Grand Prix and Pocket league historyare not too far behind.

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