The city mobilizes to celebrate history

It says a lot about a community when people go out in the rain and cold for a tug of war.

On Saturday, around 50 people gathered at the Enfield Estate to celebrate the city’s 145th anniversary, 12 km northwest of Oamaru.

Despite the gloomy weather, event organizer Samantha Owles was happy that the event could take place.

It was originally scheduled for November 13, but bad weather saw the same postponement to Saturday – Miss Owles decided it would rain or be sunny.

To celebrate, people took part in bag and barrel races, walked a dozen stalls and played tug of war.

It was no ordinary tug of war, but an ode to the Enfield team that won the national championships in 1916 and 1924.

Braving the rain, four tug of war teams stepped up to the plate.

Even though there were no direct descendants of the original team, many people had strong ties to the community.

They included Grant Ludemann, whose family had lived in the area for around 100 years.

Even though Mr. Ludemann was not in competition, he had a team, “EGL Pastoral”, registered for the competition.

The team of Blair Jopson, Micayla Brenssell, Mark Geypen, Orlando Ruiz Diaz and Matt Guthrie ended up winning the tournament, making a bit of history.

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