The best gifts you can give a gamer

As we told you in the introduction, a few years ago finding products oriented to the gaming world was complicated, because apart from the typical products, such as steering wheels, console controls and the strange keyboard, there wasn’t much else that was clearly geared towards this niche.

Today is completely different, because there are even computers, laptops and desktops, which are already specific to this world, but without forgetting speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, steering wheels, monitors or chairs, including lights to decorate or Various accessories for different uses.

It is clear that if you want to adjust something to a player, the possibilities are enormous, you are spoiled for choice. So much so that it can be overwhelming.

That’s why we decided to help you by making a selection of some of the best gifts you can give to a gamer, so that it is not too complicated or that, at least, you have a small idea of ​​the gamer. place you want to move to.

Index of gifts for a gamer:

A steering wheel

As usual, for many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is a flyer to enjoy of those driving games that we like the most, like F1 or Gran Turismo, among others.

No doubt any self-respecting gamer will want a quality steering wheel to be able to play car games such as the Logitech G29 Driving, a device with everything you need to be the chosen one, since it is compatible with PS5, PS4, PC and even Mac.

Also, a good steering wheel needs support, if possible that it does not take up too much space, because many times in the house there is not exactly enough space, that it is resistant and that it allows to place the steering wheel and the pedals in ideal positions to enjoy it. A good example of this can be the Vevor support.

gaming keyboard and mouse

As is obvious, the other of the parts that most interest a player who stands out that he is, is in the keyboard and mouse which often accompanies

Both devices are mainly characterized by incorporate LED bulbs that achieve a color change on the keys or outside them, in order to obtain a very beautiful visual effect. These lights can usually be configured, so the user will be able to customize them.

In gaming mice the same thing happens, with the keyboard and mouse bundle coming up very often, as is the case with the HyperX Hx-Kb7Aqx-Us.

gaming monitor

Since we assume that a person who loves games will already have a computer that can be dedicated to such a task, we are forced to recommend the purchase of a monitor who is prepared for this type of circumstance.

And we mean that, as long as the economic section allows it, having certain characteristics that will be ideal for managing any type of game, such as a resolution that looks like at least Full HDa at least 90Hz refresh rate (although if it’s more much better), a pretty bright or one effective response time (1ms is ideal).

As usual, there are plenty of gaming monitors on the market, but this time we went with the MSI Optix G27C4.

LED lighting

For any gamer it is so important to have everything you need to play the best way, like represent your environment and the place where you will play in an undeniably playful way.

All of this is done with a LED lighting, which can be controlled and change color to taste, even being able to program it. In this way, the whole environment of the room will mark a clear game component.

A good choice could be the Govee Flow Pro, two bars of RGB lights compatible with Alexa and Google Assistantwhich even incorporate a camera so that the light changes according to the content of the screen and which can also be controlled with the smartphone.


Something a good player can’t miss is earphones which they measure in two fundamental areas when it comes to playing.

The first thing is that your sound quality can already be noise cancellation to achieve a much more immersive effect in the game. And the second is to have a clear emitting microphonefor those times when one is playing multiplayer games and they need to communicate with each other.

If to all this we add a beautiful design and quality workmanshipwe’ll have the perfect gaming headset, something that comes very close to achieving the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro.


To have everything placed and within easy reach, there is multitude of accessories for all things gaming, controls, headsets and even consoles.

We will be able to have accessories that will allow us to have all the controls our consoles by hand like the OIVO support, although you can also have everything very well placed with a travel case for our Nintendo Switch of the Heystop brand or have a support for our headphones and thus not leave them anywhere.

It would also be nice to have a play mat like the Itek E1 or a stand for raise the monitorbut without forgetting if part of RGB lighting like the ThunderX3 AS5HEX.

gaming chair

Something that no player can miss it either, it’s a good chairsince the number of hours you are going to spend there should weigh as little as possible on your back.

Buying a good gaming chair guarantees you a great ergonomics, comfort and durabilityso it’s better to spend a little more money and get one of the bigger brands, like the Corsair T3 Rush or the Drift Gaming DR100BL chair.

Any of these gifts will be ideal for anyone who loves the world of video games, as they are products that they will need sooner or later.

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