The Backrooms meets Sons of the Forest in new IKEA horror game

The Backrooms and Sons of the Forest come together via a new indie horror game that challenges you to use building and survival mechanics to stay alive while trapped in a massive, living, ever-changing version from IKEA – literally the worst nightmare I can imagine.

Shelves and endless aisles. The nauseating and swirling colors. Aimless walking and the sheer uselessness of it all – buying furniture or “bits” for the house, is a psychological torture we all owe, seemingly as penance for a ghastly and intractable original sin that we cannot not understand, be submissive. He’s a living dead. The mind becomes numb. The senses fade. How can there be so many different types of bath mat? Time loses its meaning at IKEA. Like a doomed astronaut falling through an event horizon, a minute of normal time becomes an hour, a day, a year.

So imagine being stuck at IKEA for the rest of your life. Imagine that the hallways and vast, pallid warehouses filled with mattress toppers literally lasted forever. Imagine that the stage manager is a gigantic monster of flesh with a rhinoceros horn instead of a face. Well, it’s The Store is Closed, an upcoming indie horror game that sees you trapped inside an IKEA-style furniture store as architecture grows and shifts around you, and staff hunt you for your blood.

In addition to avoiding the mutated vendors – who still wear their bright yellow “here to help” t-shirts, despite turning into mounds of tendon meat – you must build shelter and supplies for yourself by breaking down furniture and stealing food. from the store canteen. The goal, of course, is to find a way out, but the only way to do that is to go “deeper in the store”. Hope they still serve those cheap hot dogs.

Like Sons of the Forest, The Store is Closed will also feature online co-op as you work with friends to try to survive. It is currently available for your Steam wishlist and you can read more about the game on its official website Home Page. No release date has yet been announced.

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