Terraria gets another update ahead of Labor of Love

Terraria has now reached the stage where there have been so many final updates that even jokes about them are getting exhausting. But hey, I’m not going to complain about upcoming Terraria updates. Patch 1.4.4, dubbed the Labor of Love update, is still on the way, but before that the developers have another smaller update, improving the game for Steam Deck compatibility and making a few more changes.

“When we first sat down to enjoy Terraria on the Steam Deck,” the developers say in the announcement, “we immediately realized that we needed to make some adjustments to take full advantage of everything this new system has to offer.” To that end, they’ve created a default control setup for the Deck – which you’re free to customize to your liking, of course. If you’re curious about battery life, the developers say they “typically get between 3.5 and 5.5 hours of playtime between charges – depending on brightness settings as well as the ‘intensity of action in the game’.

But, which is live now, isn’t just about Steam Deck optimizations. You can follow the link above for all the details, but the highlights include a big rebalancing for Deerclops and some changes for NPC happiness, which should make it a little easier to keep your AI friends happy.

The Steam Deck release date technically lands on February 25 – at least for early pre-orders – so today’s update is timely, regardless of its intended purpose.

For now, all eyes are on the 1.4.4 update, and then whatever the studio decides to work on next. It could be Terraria 2. Or maybe not. Re-Logic clearly likes to keep us guessing.

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