Technamin: online gaming has made its “first forays” into the virtual world

Leaving aside the myriad of science fiction novels and movies that have been spotlighting the digital realm for many years, the metaverse is still a relatively new phenomenon.

To really understand how online games work in metaspace, TechnaminFounder and CEO of , Suren Khachatrianstressed that we as an industry need to define what the concept means for the sector.

Speaking in the context of CasinoBeats Ongoing Heavy Meta Series, sponsored by SBC Advisory, Khachatryan claimed that while not everyone has yet tapped into the full potential of the metaverse, the online gaming vertical already has elements that can be considered “the first forays” into the virtual universe.

“We have several casinos that are digital reproductions that give the player the illusion of being inside a physical gambling venue, despite looking at it through a screen,” Technamin CEO said. . “The metaverse will only serve to make this experience even more immersive and realistic for the player.

“Let’s not forget, cryptocurrencies will also play a big role here. It is very likely that these decentralized digital currencies will dominate the metaverse, and their popularity today is a very visible hint that they will be around when the metaverse flourishes in its ultimate form.

“Some will embrace the metaverse with open arms, and others will accept less.”

Recalling the beginnings of the internet, an idea that would be foreign to most of us in this modern age, Khachatryan pointed out that “nobody was sure what it was, or how big it was. would take” and believes the world at large could witness parallels when it comes to the metaverse.

He added, “Some will embrace the metaverse with open arms, and others will accept less.

“I think in terms of online gaming, people will respond positively, especially now, in a post-COVID reality where so many physical locations have closed, having the ability to walk into a ‘real’ casino in comfort of his house will be a welcome relief. Keep in mind that the AI ​​is also developing every day.

“We now have engines capable of reproducing human beings. Instead of a computer dealing cards, you’ll be greeted with a realistic replica of a person, adding more thrills to the gaming experience. The Metaverse also allows people to be present in the same simulated environment from from different physical locations. This will cover the social side of things.

“Standards must be met to ensure players are enjoying their time safely.”

However, when it comes to responsible gambling policies, Khachatryan stressed that “people are people”, whether in a physical location or in virtual reality, and the need to enforce RG should be equally stringent. within the metaverse.

“Standards must be met to ensure players enjoy their time safely,” the CEO said. “The advances we’ve made in online gaming allow us to follow responsible gaming regulations in a less rigid way by personalizing the player experience.

“The same can be done in the metaverse, in an even more exciting way. The more customizable the games and the environment, the safer everything will be for the player.

Looking at how online games can make the Metaverse inclusive for everyone, Khachatryan warned interested users that, at least in the early stages, the Metaverse “will remain somewhat inclusive” as the concept progresses.

He continued, “It’s the same with all other phenomena. As we move forward, new technological advancements will make it possible to mass-produce these devices and technologies for everyone to afford.

“I think there’s great potential here to create jaw-dropping experiences for players to enjoy.”

“I remember when VR headsets first came out, and not many people could afford them. Now you can find affordable devices everywhere online. The same thing happened with flying drones and dash cams. ‘stock.

As with any uncharted territory, risks remain an enigma until they are revealed. In addressing the risks that the digital frontier will unveil, Khachatryan thinks this question can open a long chain of discussions.

The technological aspects will no doubt come into question, with Khachatryan predicting that ethics could have a role to play when it comes to risk. One factor that Technamin’s CEO pointed out would play a role, from a very superficial point of view, would be physical appearance.

“Many people have complained that VR headsets cause headaches and nausea after being used for long periods of time,” he explained. “Metaverse technology can cause the same problems.”

Along with the aforementioned risks, Khachatryan pointed out that security becomes potentially problematic as everything will be online-based, with potential players and their information at greater risk.

“We live in very, very exciting times in the video game industry and in general!”

Additionally, he also touched on another potential concern – the duration of player engagement: “Players will tend to stay in virtual casinos for longer periods of time, as the experience is so immersive,” he said. he explains.

“In terms of responsible gambling, this could be problematic. But on the other hand, I’m sure responsible gambling tools will also evolve accordingly.

With any new concept, the list of pros and cons will go on forever, with each surpassing the other at some point or another. However, Khachatryan concluded by expressing his thoughts that the online casino industry is “fully open to embracing” the metaverse but warned that the industry must “take every precaution to ensure the safety of our players”.

Adding: “I think there is great potential here to create jaw-dropping experiences that players can enjoy. Imagine an online casino that is not just a screen you can click on, but a virtual world that you can inspect as you would in a land-based casino, interact directly with other players and even choose the type of clothing that you can wear. .

“On top of that, you can easily pay using crypto, and the entire experience is completely personalized to your preferences. We live in very, very exciting times in the gaming industry and in general!”

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