Team Sonic Racing could get a special edition for some reason

Normally game leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, but every now and then rumors pile up until they have to be the truth – however, there are plenty of times the truth does. – even is even more ridiculous. On that note, fans found out about the existence of Team Sonic Racing: 30th Anniversary Edition.

Team Sonic Racing is the latest SEGA kart racing game released in 2019, and although it is quite a fun Mario Kart style racing game for PC, most fans agree that Sonic & SEGA All- Stars Racing: Transformed is the top game – it had a Company of Heroes 2-based character to start with, and definitely needs a re-release.

Which is part of the reason why the idea of ​​a Special Edition reissue of Team Sonic Racing is so strange. As disclosed by French store Sogamely (via TailsChannel), Team Sonic Racing: 30th Anniversary will release on October 27 and currently only has pages and artwork for the Switch and PS4 versions of the game – but we assume it will release on October 27. all platforms including PC.

While the leak seems undeniable, if true, there are plenty of quirks in this reveal. Team Sonic Racing does not need a reissue. There hasn’t been a DLC released, so it can’t be a collection, and it can’t be a next-gen re-release, as the only two platforms leaked are Switch. and PS4 – on which the game is already available. SEGA may consider adding more content, but there are much more worthy Sonic games that need more DLC.

Although this is still only a rumor given that SEGA has yet to officially announce it, given that Sogamely is not the only retail site to disclose the game – GreatGames and ReplayMultimedia list it – and the odd addition of a free artbook, this rumor seems strong. Although we don’t know who this 30th anniversary edition is for.

However, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, and while there aren’t any new games this year, Sonic has recently appeared in Minecraft and Fall Guys – and the next suitable Sonic game is released in 2022.

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