Tchia will launch in 2022 on PC, PS4 and PS5

Open world adventure game Tchia will launch in 2022 for PC, PS4 and PS5, independent developer Awaceb has announced.

While Tchia launches in 2022, the game was originally announced for PC (via To smoke) and Stadia – the Steam version has apparently been put on hold for an Epic Games Store version instead, as Steam was not mentioned in the new announcement.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a preview of the game:

A tropical open-world adventure. Climb, hover, swim and sail with your boat around a beautiful archipelago in this physics-based sandbox. Use Tchia’s special ability to take control of any animal or object you can find, and jam on your fully playable ukulele. A game inspired by New Caledonia.


  • SOUL JUMPING – Tchia’s special gift allows you take control of any animal or object you can find. Use their unique gameplay and abilities to travel, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets. Fly like a bird, explore the ocean like a fish, or dig for treasures like a dog. Over 30 playable animals and hundreds of items.
  • EXPLORATION AND TRAVERSE – Jump and glide across a vast archipelago and use the Tricks system for cool stunts and dives. The free climbing mechanic allows you to climb anything in the world without restriction, including any physics-based tree. Navigate your customizable boat on turquoise lagoons and dive around coral reefs and wrecks.
  • UKULELE – Simply play alone or alongside NPCs, your fully playable ukulele will be a faithful companion throughout the game. Use it at key points in the story during the rhythm sections, or play unlockable melodies anytime in the open world to trigger special events such as attracting animals, triggering precipitation …
  • HISTORY AND MUSIC – Take Tchia on a heartfelt adventure and meet a diverse group of characters inspired by Caledonian cultures. Fully animated cutscenes expressed in traditional language will punctuate your trip while a original orchestral score infused with local sounds creates a unique and immersive world.
  • CUSTOMIZATION & ITEMS – Style Tchia’s clothing and boat with hundreds of cosmetic items to unlock ranging from a traditional look to the more upscale options. You will also unlock useful and fun tools along the way like a flashlight, a slingshot, a compass, a camera …
  • NEW CALEDONIA – The world of Tchia was inspired by New Caledonia, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, home of the co-founders of Awaceb. Inspiration has been drawn from the rich and varied local landscapes, cultures, music, languages, folklore and traditions and has been used to create a fictional world and to tell a universal story that anyone can understand and appreciate. The characters are voiced by local talents in traditional languages ​​and captioned in many languages ​​including English, French, Russian, Chinese, German and more.

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