Supermassive’s next game, The Devil in Me, is out this fall

On the heels of The Quarry comes another horror-filled game from Supermassive. This time, we return to his Dark Pictures series, with The Devil in Me.

A new trailer for this upcoming release gave us two things. The first is a launch window this fall. The second is a disturbing look at the Saw-style game’s history, which sees a group of filmmakers head to a replica of the “Murder House” of HH Holmes, America’s first serial killer. Of course, things aren’t going to go smoothly for our group of intrepid youngsters.

Unlike previous entries in its Dark Pictures series, The Devil in Me doesn’t seem to go down the paranormal or supernatural route. Rather, it seems to be rooted in a fairly dark but very believable reality akin to the aforementioned Saw and Hostel film series. There are traps to trigger for our unsuspecting victims, there are torture rooms, there is tension, and there are creepy mannequins. You can see for yourself below.

Get ready for a killer vacation.

The fourth in this horror anthology series from Supermassive Games, The Devil in Me is the finale of its first “season” and continues the studio’s legacy of cinematic action and choice-based gameplay.

However, more games are almost certainly to come in the future. In January, Supermassive dropped logos for five more titles in this series.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Supermassive Games revealed that Jessie Buckley, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Lost Daughter at this year’s Oscars, will star as Kate Wilder. in The Devil in Me.

The Devil in Me is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. You can pre-order the game now from publisher Bandai Namco.

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