SuperGaming launches Ethernia, a Web3 tower defense game for PC and mobile

Pune-based SuperGaming has announced Ethernia, a brand new web3 game for PC and mobile playable in October 2022. The game allows users to build a team, fight epic battles and strategize to win.

Ethernia has been in development since early 2022. With Ethernia, SuperGaming hopes to address one of the key issues plaguing this nascent ecosystem – most Web3 games aren’t even games for fun.

The company aims to combine its expertise in free-to-play with the power of Web3 to elevate the player-first approach, empowering gamers to own assets earned while playing.

“When we set out to build Ethernia, our vision was to have a long-term, sustainable economy that was resilient and aligned with gamer needs,” said Venkat Chandar, VP of Product at SuperGaming. “Ethernia’s economy has a strong focus on players and is created with them in mind. We hope this will make Ethernia a self-sufficient and thriving economy for everyone.

The game is powered by the Polygon blockchain. This resonates with SuperGaming’s vision to have a sustainable and thriving economy with low gas costs and a robust network that would make it a seamless experience for Ethernia players.

The waiting list for Ethernia is now open on the game’s official website with over 150,000 players registered in the first week. Waitlist rewards include 500mETN, Ethernia’s native token.

Further details regarding Ethernia’s Tokenomics white paper will be revealed ahead of the October 2022 release, along with several contests and airdrops. Also expect a closer look at its factions, lore, and gameplay.

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