Star Citizen Release Date Still Not Here As Crowdfunding Surpasses $500 Million

Star Citizen’s release date is one of gaming’s biggest mysteries, like when Half-Life 3 will disappear, Silent Hill will die, or when we’re going to get a new Starfield gameplay trailer. But as the space simulation and trading game remains in an alpha state, thanks to its latest update, 3.17.2, it nevertheless continues to exceed milestones, now racking up a crowdfunding total of US$500 million. .

Roberts Space Industries, the official site for Star Citizen, named after one of the companies in the game that manufactures spaceships, maintains a running total of funds donated to the space game, as well as the number of concurrent users. As of September 20, that total had just surpassed the galactic sum of $500,030,039, meaning that in the nearly ten years since Star Citizen first arrived on Kickstarter in October 2012, it’s racked up a half a billion dollars in funding.

The game is playable, with the latest update adding a variety of features in the form of ships, locations, and new delivery missions. Nevertheless, fans are still waiting for a full version of Star Citizen, with the game and each of its updates still maintaining a pre-release “alpha” status. Alpha Update 3.18 and Alpha Update 3.19 are slated for Star Citizen in Q3 and Q4 2022 respectively, and will also bring new locations, ships, and gameplay options, including additional activities for bin mode. The game’s free-roaming sand. The game’s long-awaited single-player campaign, Squadron 42, which stars Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman, is still awaiting a release date.

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