Sifu gets a physical version in spring 2022

Sifu and physical media have one thing in common – they both kick ass.


Sloclap has confirmed that Sifu will get a physical release in “Spring 2022”.

Sifu has wowed players since his initial unveiling, but one thing that has always been in demand is a physical release. Well, that wish has been granted, as Sloclap is teaming up with Microids to bring the game to disc.

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Sifu’s Twitter account revealed the news, saying, “We have teamed up with Microids to launch physical editions for Sifu in Spring 2022 on PS4 and PS5. More information on the content of the editions and the upcoming release!” Microids also tweeted the news, saying, “Is one life enough to have Kung Fu? Commercial versions of Sifu for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be released in Spring 2022.”


It’s unclear exactly what the physical version will include in terms of bonuses, but it’s pretty clear from Tweets from the official Sifu account that there will be more than one version available. For context, Microids recently teamed up with Oddworld Inhabitants to create the physical editions of Oddworld Soulstorm, and this version came with a standard version and a collector’s edition, so it’s likely we’ll see the same treatment for Sifu.

While the physical edition of Sifu is slated for spring 2022, it will also be released digitally on February 8, having initially been slated for February 22.

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