Settlers RTS game delayed again

It looks like fans of RTS game series The Settlers are going to have to wait – once again – for Ubisoft’s latest reboot to arrive. The Settlers, which was set to launch on March 17 after a reported delay in 2020, is delayed again. The delay appears to be due to negative feedback gathered after the recent closed beta test.

“The recent closed beta was a great opportunity for all participating players to share valuable feedback regarding the current state of the game, and we want to thank you for your involvement,” The Settlers team wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. “As we reviewed this feedback, it became clear to our team that the quality was not yet in line with the team’s vision. Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone the launch of the game to a later date.

It’s sure to disappoint fans who’ve been waiting a few years for a new version of the classic strategy game, but for players who got to try out the closed beta, it’s also probably a relief. As strategy editor Joe Robinson notes in his hands-on impressions of The Settlers closed beta, the economic model this time around “feels very simplistic”, especially compared to the other series of economic strategy games. from Ubisoft, Anno.

“There is no need to replicate the intricacies of a full-fledged economic simulation,” Joe writes. “But what East the [in The Settlers] does not give rise to any significant interaction.

It’s unclear if that’s the sentiment behind Ubisoft’s decision to delay The Settlers again, and the team has yet to announce a new release date.

“The extra time will be used to further improve the game and make quality our main priority for all of our players,” the developers say. “We’ll update you in due course and give you more details on The Settlers’ next steps.”

On the official website, commenters seem relieved that the team has reached this milestone, and many expressed their thanks to the developers for delaying the launch in the comments on the news post announcing the delay. Hopefully we’ll know more about the new release window soon.

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