Rooted Announces New Open-World Post-Apocalyptic Survival Online Game

Developer Headlight Studio has announced Rooteda new open-world post-apocalyptic survival online game.

Rooted is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and currently has a Kickstarter to fund the rest of the game. A funding goal is set at €60,000, and it’s already close to reaching that goal. The stretch goals go quite far and range from adding more areas, more content, and making multiplayer more robust.

It’s also worth mentioning that Headlight Studio is also planning an Xbox Series X release | S and PS5 when the PC version reaches full release, as it is scheduled to launch in Early Access initially.

Here is a new trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

Explore the post-apocalyptic open world

Rooted is a post-apocalyptic survival game. Around the year 2100. You are one of the few survivors. You have to progress and adapt through the ruins of past civilization that collapsed due to global bacteriological warfare.

Over the years, nature has managed to secure some areas, even reclaiming the land and cleaning up the residue of devastating bacterial weapons. Urban areas, however, are less fortunate. You’ll get in trouble if you go unprotected. You were warned!

To develop your camp and improve your living conditions, you must explore, alone or with your friends, collect scraps and objects, restore objects, and even create new ones that you will learn to craft along the way. Monitor your surroundings. It won’t be easy, because danger has many faces.

Solo and Co-op

Begin the adventure by exploring the world of Rooted. Create your camp in the forest, in a village or in the city center; solo or in co-op with your friends. Speaking of friends, and for realism, friendly fire may be a thing in Rooted. Your team or others can join your game session whenever they want. The in-game communication system (VOIP) adds realism to your team’s experience.

Build and craft

Build and upgrade your camp using all the items you farm, scavenge, and craft. As you progress in the game, you will be able to improve your defenses, automate tasks, supply electricity, develop your workshop…

Set up an outpost in villages or towns, secure homes, offices or even entire floors in a building. Barricades, partitions, traps. Craft something to protect yourself. The distance traveled can be long. Building a secondary outpost is always a plus.

Craft tools to improve your living conditions, facilitate transport, eat, protect and heal yourself.

Recover and learn

Recovery is a major key part of Rooted. You can recover, repair and use many items from the past civilization, whether mechanical, electronic or even clothing!

Collect more or less rare pieces depending on the condition of the objects you dismantle. The more you recover, the more you will learn to reassemble them. Upgrade your camp with your newly learned items to make life easier for your survivor.


You’re not alone. Animals can be as useful as they are dangerous. You will also meet other humans, who are also trying to make their way to a better life. Some enemies may be stronger than you think. Steel or flesh, choose your opponent wisely!

Constant evolution

Rooted is a living world. From the forest to the city center, explore a vast world that evolves with your actions. You gain access to new areas, new items, and new crafting options over time. Major events will impact the world, bringing new challenges to you and your friends. You must be ready!

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