Resident Evil Village Second PC performance patch coming August 24

Capcom is once again trying to resolve Resident Evil Village PC performance issues.

Resident Evil Village - One of Dimitrescu's girls smiling while pinning Ethan

The PC port of Resident Evil Village will receive another patch next week, August 24. According to the official Twitter account, the update will focus on fixing an issue preventing certain processors from launching the game, as well as polishing up graphics processes.

This is the second patch Village receives in August, as the problematic port already received an update last week. This follows a wave of controversy arising from the cracked version of Village performing better than the official release on Steam.

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The main problem encountered by PC gamers is a significant drop in frame rate during certain gaming scenarios. In combat, some animations will still cause visible stuttering, and there is a noticeable drop in frame rate when you meet one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters.

Fans suspect that this problem is caused by the DRM of the game. This theory started because the main difference between the top performing pirated copy and the official version is that the former has no DRM, and these stuttering issues are completely absent. Capcom has not confirmed if this is the cause, but recognizes the difference in performance.

In a statement to TheGamer, Capcom promised to remedy this disparity “soon”. It remains to be seen whether these are sufficient to address the performance issues.

Still, Capcom currently has enough going on to keep busy. It recently delayed the multiplayer spin-off, Resident Evil Re: Verse, just days before its scheduled launch. It has now been pushed back to 2022, having initially been slated to launch at the same time as Resident Evil Village.

All this controversy hasn’t hurt sales, however, as Village recently surpassed 4.5 million copies sold. It’s on its way to reaching the heights of its predecessor, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, which sold 8.5 million copies in four years. Sales have likely been boosted by its multi-generation version, as it launches simultaneously on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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