and GGWP Academy team up to host esports tournament series

Written in partnership with and GGWP Academy.

Esports tournament platform and Australian esports startup Good Game Well Played Academy have announced a global partnership. Their goal is to host esports tournaments for budding content creators starting January 12 in Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and VALUING.

GGWP Academy has helped countless gamers and content creators grow their careers and online presence. This new partnership with will allow these creators to compete in a multitude of titles and extend their influence even further. The GGWP Academy already offers online courses for players to help them form a community, create an online profile and increase their engagement. From now on, they will be able to show their skills in front of a new audience.

There will be a mix of paid entries and free tournaments, with GGWP creators able to apply for each of them through the GGWP Marketplace. will provide prize pools per tournament which vary and increase with the size of the creators. Each tournament will also offer visibility to creators and a chance to develop their personal brand.

“There are over 500 million competitive players in the world, and most of them start young and need the right advice to start and grow their brands and careers,” said Scott Bednarski, CMO of Repeat. gg. “We are thrilled that our existing users are learning and growing through GGWP, and that the creators of GGWP are entering competitive esports wherever they are. Any creator who wants to join the GGWP platform and participate in’s new tournaments starting in January can register on the GGWP Academy landing page.

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