PS4 update seems to have fixed the console clock battery issue


A PS4 update that went live last week appears to have fixed the console clock battery issue.


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PlayStation appears to have fixed the PS4 clock battery issue through last week’s update, which means the console will no longer make all games unplayable once the battery is dead.

A discovery from the Does It Play Twitter account earlier this year revealed that the PS4s are indeed time bombs. Don’t worry, your console won’t explode after its clock goes to zero. Instead, its clock battery will die and if PlayStation decided to shut down the PS4’s servers at that time, which is likely because clock batteries tend to have a very long lifespan. , then games, digital and physical, would become unplayable.

As the story gained traction and PS4 owners began to worry that even the dead clock battery issues weren’t going to arise for a very long time, Sony has apparently assured some that the problem was being solved. It looks like Sony was telling the truth as testing of the latest PS4 update seems to prove that the clock battery issue is gone.

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YouTuber Destruction Games was one of the first to point out that whether or not dead battery, physical games are playable on PS4. “I tested it on my PS4 with a dead battery and the games no longer crash on startup and I can even earn trophies,” Destruction Games tweeted. The trophies and their timestamps seemed to be the reason the PS4s need an internet connection to communicate with the console clock battery so that the dates and times they were earned cannot be tampered with.

Destruction Games shows that when trophies are earned with a dead clock stack, they just don’t have a date and time attached. While they haven’t tried a digital game on their own, others have confirmed that the 9.0 update also makes it easy to play digital downloads on a PS4 with a dead clock battery.

While the PS5 continues to grow stronger, building a strong present and future for Sony, the PlayStation has come under fire for trying to leave its past behind in 2021. Not only because of the clock battery issue, but also of his attempts to shut down his PS3. and PS Vita online stores. This decision was greeted with such a backlash that it was quickly overturned.

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