PS3, Vita Store payment options close this month

You will no longer be able to use credit, debit, or PayPal to purchase games directly from the PS3 or Vita storefronts.

PlayStation Store - via Sony

Sony released an update regarding the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita storefronts. No, they don’t close, but they get a little harder to buy by removing PayPal, credit, and debit payment options.

“As of October 27, 2021, you will no longer be able to use a credit or debit card or a payment method such as PayPal to purchase digital content or add funds to your wallet when you visit the PlayStation Store on your PS3 console. or PS Vita system, “writes Sony.” To purchase digital content for your PS3 console or your PS Vita system, you must first add sufficient funds to your wallet on the PlayStation Store. ”

Adding funds to your PlayStation Wallet can be done using any of the payment options available on PS4 or PS5, as well as the PlayStation website on PC or mobile. Product coupons, subscription coupons, and gift cards can still be used on PS3 and Vita.

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As noted by VGC, this means that Japanese gamers will no longer be able to purchase age-restricted content on older Sony consoles. Anything with an age restriction requires a registered credit card to verify the user’s age, which means without it even adults cannot purchase games that require the user to be 18 years old. years or older.

Last March, Sony attempted to shut down the PS3 and PlayStation Vita storefronts entirely, but public backlash ultimately led the publisher to reverse the course of that plan. It still closed the PSP storefront in July, but you can still buy PSP games from the PS3 and Vita stores. Although now it is a little harder not to be able to pay directly with a credit card or debit card now.

Perhaps that is Sony’s plan – slowly withdrawing services from the PS3 and Vita stores until no one really cares about the storefronts shutting down permanently. Even though Sony never closes the stores of its older consoles, there are still plenty of game developers to get support as the world moves on to newer hardware.

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