PokerStars Cancels $ 1 Million Tournament Over “Technical Problems”


PokerStars blamed technical issues for dropping out of a tournament offering a $ 1 million prize pool. [Image:]

A disappointing Sunday storm

PokerStars must have left its customers disappointed by abandoning an online poker tournament offering a total prize of $ 1 million ($ 730,000).

64,617 people registered for the tournament

The event, which took place around 10 p.m. BST on Sunday, marked the 10th anniversary of the PokerStars Sunday Storm tournament. Participants had to pay $ 11 each to register and could re-register up to six times. Prior to the dropout, 64,617 people had entered the tournament, meaning the event needed an additional 35,383 participants to meet the $ 1 million guarantee.

Isle of Man-based operator PokerStars blamed “technical glitches” when the game stalled for around three hours. The company took to Twitter at 10:45 p.m. BST that evening to announce that the issues would result in a cancellation:

At the time, the tournament clock kept ticking and the blinds kept increasing, but the players were not receiving any cards. Despite the issues encountered, all of the operator’s other games seemed to avoid any technical issues.

In the end, PokerStars paid out the entire million dollars among the tournament participants.

Customer concerns alleviated

Of the entries made in the PokerStars Sunday Storm tournament, 42,026 were first entries and 22,591 were re-entries. Overall, the tournament cash prize was missing $ 353,830 from its $ 1 million guarantee, with just $ 646,170 collected on entries before the tournament began. This meant that PokerStars was responsible for a large recovery.

intentionally abandoned the tournament to avoid the cost

At the time of the technical difficulties, a large number of customers claimed that PokerStars had intentionally abandoned the tournament to avoid the fees. A client, Doug Mair, took to Twitter to express his point of view:

Despite concerns expressed by customers, PokerStars ultimately paid off the entire $ 1 million prize pool. The company donated $ 19.26 each to 16,667 spots, while all remaining players received 50% of the prize pool. The other half of the participants received an amount corresponding to their number of tokens at the time of the crash.

Some started off short

Of course, PokerStars’ roll forward policy for the distribution of prizes was not for everyone. Those with large chip stacks received only a tiny fraction of the funds they would have taken if they had finished in that position at the end of the tournament.

first place would have received $ 100,000

The chip leader at the time of the crash, harveyspector1 from Canada, received $ 208.92 from PokerStars. The prices then gradually lost value for the rest of the customers who had a high number of tokens. If the tournament had continued, first place would have received $ 100,000, while second place would have won $ 70,000 and third place $ 50,000.


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