PlayStation 5: 10 funniest memes about the console

Just recently, Sony was able to show off some of what its development teams have been cooking up with its State of Play demo, showing off several new games and what’s on the horizon. The PlayStation 5 is the latest generation of Sony’s flagship gaming console, but despite being around for almost a year now, gamers are still struggling to get their hands on it.

And if they do, a new console comes with plenty of tweaks and updates, such as the all-new haptic feel of the Dualsense controller. But with enough time under its belt, the PlayStation community has delivered some incredible memes that perfectly represent the many aspects of the system and what it’s like to own one.


ten Jump collar look

The PS5 design certainly surprised many gamers and they wasted no time with their Photoshop skills. Winged plates and white coloring have a certain look. And while the PS5 might need several quality of life changes, the design isn’t something that can be fixed with a simple software update.

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While it’s unlikely Sony’s devs tried to create this look, gamers wonder what their intention was with the design.

9 Additional costs

The PS5 might be the latest and greatest gaming console with a decent price tag for gamers, but that’s only before the extra hardware. Whether it’s a new hard drive with more storage space or a fan to keep the system from overheating, add-ons can cost gamers more.

For the latest and greatest console, there are still a few shortcomings that gamers aren’t too happy with, and filling those needs doesn’t come cheap.

8 Dualsense vs. Dualshock 4

Something the PS5 has greatly improved over the previous generation with its controller. The Dualsense and creative uses of its haptic feedback deliver a comfortable new design along with several new features that put the old to shame.

While the Dualshock has had a great run through several generations, gamers are enjoying the new controller which offers a lot of different feels and (no pun intended) senses that add to the immersion of the gaming experience.

seven “You mean I have one?”

It’s no secret that getting a PS5 has been a major struggle for avid gamers. With scalpers and low inventory, it’s been hard to find a PS5 since the console’s downfall.

If customers were able to get their hands on the console during an online restock, they were very lucky, but that’s not the end of the battle. There remains the problem of payment.

6 Grilled to perfection

Not only does this meme poke fun at the futuristic-looking hardware design, it also attacks the console’s reputation for overheating. Played a little too long in a warm room but also need something for dinner? No problem, just remove the panel and throw in some steaks for a nice metallic flavor.

More seriously, an overheated system is no fun and forces players to do something they always hate. Remove the controller. No more waiting, then it’s back to blowing up zombies or starting another time loop.

5 Not enough memory? That should do the trick

While the PS5 does a lot of things well, it surely could have used a bigger hard drive. And with the incredibly high prices of some PS5 internal hard drives to make up for those storage space issues, a PS4 drive is sometimes the budget choice that gets the job done. And it’s a bonus if it already has some of the best PS4 games recorded on it.

It might not look pretty or be as convenient as replacing the internal drive, but it’s an option many gamers opt for.

4 What would you do for a PS5?

If someone noticed that their significant other was very friendly or willing to do certain tasks that they had been putting off for a while and that they were an active player, chances are it had something to do with it. the latest console.

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The price might be a little high, but maybe some friendly acts of service can help soften the blow when telling a significant other how much was spent on games. There’s no guarantee it will work but it’s worth it.

3 Game Updates

Every PS5 player has been there before. After downloading this new game and waiting for the excruciating time it takes to install, there is now an even bigger update file that takes even longer to download.

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For a console that allows gamers to play faster, there’s certainly a lot of expectation. But hey, at least it was downloading faster in rest mode. And once you finally get it to work, load times completely surpass the PS4.

2 world war playstation

The idea that the mob mentality and behavior of the hoard of zombies in an all-out war would be waged on a game console might sound like the plot of some crazy horror video game you’ve forgotten about, but it’s was exactly the case when the PS5 dropped. Demand was high and supply low.

Going to a retailer’s site moments before restock is about to hit and spamming the refresh button over and over again until a PS5 finally finds its way into your cart hasn’t given nothing less than preparing for battle. And in the end, only a lucky few found salvation in the blue glow of a new PlayStation.

1 Fiscal responsibility? I do not know her

Around the time the PS5 console dropped, many Americans had just gotten their hands on sweet government aid due to the covid crisis. Some have chosen to use these funds responsibly while others have not.

Since the PS5 is just an entertainment system and not some magical wish-granting relic, it didn’t seem to solve anyone’s financial woes when it was released. But at least the new box is cool.

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