PlayStation 4 after years of smoke damage is disgusting

On this beautiful Thursday, a gentle reminder – please, please take care of your consoles. There are few things more painful to watch than totally messed up pieces of technology, whether due to heavy handling or a heavy build-up of dirt. Don’t even get me started on the dead bugs – some of them cleaning videos are really hard to watch.

Anyway, this morning I saw something horrible, and now you have to see it too. On Reddit, user Polak5677 shared a series of photos of a PS4 which was completely covered in dust and dirt from years of smoke damage. Viewers beware, it’s really dark.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, take a look at this super satisfying restoration of an original PlayStation below.

OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is potentially the most disgusting thing you’ll see today. Polak5677 clarified that it’s not their own console, by the way – they were cleaning it for someone else. They’re way braver than me for willingly touching this. Everything is either covered in dirt or stained brown – I can’t imagine what it looked like when it was on.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this thing had just been covered in a good layer of sawdust, but no – according to the poster, the smell of the poor console immediately revealed the real culprit. Surprisingly, the whole thing cleaned up pretty well, and it still works perfectly. Let’s just hope its owner doesn’t wait so long to have it cleaned again next time.

Unfortunately, console cleaning and restoration videos are far too common to attribute this to a one-time issue. Sure, they can sometimes be satisfying to watch, but can we please are all making a conscious effort to make sure they don’t become like this in the first place?

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