Pick up two top rated PC games, named “The Most Metal Games Ever Made” for under $ 10

If gothic worlds, brutal fighting, and savage metal soundtracks sound like your idea of ​​fun, let us introduce you to two of the greatest PC games you probably don’t already own: Valfaris, described as a “platform for fun”. ‘2D action forged from heavy metal’ and Slain: Back From Hell, a ‘heavy metal inspired’ arcade fighting game.

They’re both loved by gamers and critics alike, with rave reviews and user scores across the board. Better yet, you can enter them both in the Valfaris and Slain: Back From Hell Bundle for only $ 9.99 – that’s a 73% discount off the regular price of $ 37.

First up, you’ll get Valfaris, a heavy metal-influenced 2D platformer that not only achieved an extremely impressive metacritic score of 86, but got a perfect score of 10 out of 10 from The digital solution and save content, besides being named one of the best PC games of 2019. Think brutal combat, heavy weapons, and amazing pixel art. Want more? So we have three words for you: Gore in space. If you like skulls, grotesque enemies, and metal soundtracks, you’ll love this.

Next in the pack, you’ll also get your hands on Slain: Back From Hell, another metal-tastic game with stunning pixel art visuals, which will see you battling a gothic world against a horde of demons – and is all about it. subject of crisp bone melee and magical combat. The game received a high score of 74 on Metacritic, as well as 4.7 out of 5 stars from Amazon users.

“What makes these two games so metallic?” You may be wondering. Well, aside from the sheer pixelated fun and gore, both feature soundtracks recorded by Curt Victor Bryant, extreme metalhead and former guitarist of an influential Swiss extreme metal band, Celtic frost. If you like your fights as heavy as your music, look no further: this man knows how to compose a score that kills.

Take it Valfaris & Slain: Return from Hell Pack right now with 73% off for $ 9.99 (reg. $ 37).

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