PC Gamer contributor and Fantasy Flight Games designer call Johnny Depp supporters ‘adjacent Nazis’

Controversial board game designer, PC Gamer writer and Crazy Rich Asians actor Calvin Wong Tze Loon has called Johnny Depp supporters a ‘misogynistic psychiatrist and neighbor of the Nazis’ after seeing the results of the libel lawsuit with Amber Heard.

Source: CTV News, YouTube

Wong Tze Loon said on Twitter, “My blocklist is made up of millions of accounts salvaged from conservatives, nazis, misogynists, gamergate, etc. so when i chain block tweets already in these circles i only get a few hundred new blocks even if the likes are in the 30k range pro johnny depp tweets are the same.

In a later tweet, he wrote, “This ‘side’ is filled with the worst garbage the internet can muster because they see it as an opportunity to legitimize hate against women, and the others are useful fools who leave their a movie star’s fandom radicalizes them to hatred”.

He concluded: “Let me explain it to you: it doesn’t matter if it started like that or if it was co-opted, but the pro movement Johnny Depp is now a misogynistic psy-op and neighbor of the Nazis to get the big public on board with the dismantling of the gains made by the movement me too.

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Source: Calvin Wong Tze Loon’s Twitter

A jury awarded Johnny Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages after a thorough trial detailing the intimate details of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s lives. The trial lasted six weeks and painted a picture where it emerged that Heard was the primary aggressor in the relationship.

The general public came together in a rare show of unity in support of Depp after seeing evidence of police body camera and listening to hours of taped tape and eyewitness accounts of the drug-fueled and drunken fights between the hollywood couple.

Source: Rekieta Law YouTube

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Megan Fox, the winner reporter for PJ Media who became a YouTube Sensation with its cover of Johnny Depp, told Bounding Into Comics, “This trial has done the impossible. It has united Democrats and Republicans in unity against the liars on the stand and the liars in the mainstream press.

She added: “The gaslighting done by the corporate press which continues to this day has been emphatically rejected by all sane people. Johnny Depp and real victims of abuse like him have made American friends again.

Fox has created a full line of merchandise around the test for the Make American friends againwhich would sell very well.

Source: Amber Heard testifies in defamation lawsuit – Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Day 15, Law&Crime Network YouTube

Evidence from the trial and public unity doesn’t stop extremists like Wong Tze Loon from trying to paint everyone as Nazis or blame GamerGate for the outcome of the trial. Many controversial figures have attempted to link GamerGate to the Nazis since the movement began in 2014.

However, GamerGate was all about demanding ethics and transparency in gaming journalism. The movement was founded when many gamers accused designer Zoe Quinn of trading sexual favors in exchange for criticism. positive for his work. As a video game journalist, it’s ironic that Wong Tze Loon opposes a movement demanding ethics for journalists.

Source: VICE Gaming Meets, VICE YouTube Channel

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This isn’t the first controversy Wong Tze Loon has gotten himself into, either. Earlier this year, he tried to cancel a black content creator, whatiskiss, after whatiskiss was fired from role-playing content site, Role App.

He accused Whatiskiss and others of a “campaign of misinformation and harassment” over accusations of racism directed against Wong Tze Loon and others with the company Role App.

He said: “It’s screwing me up, this person has literally been through the worst on this website, including the Nazis, absolutely, having the home address posted, the family targeted, and that’s ANOTHER F***ING MARGINALIZED PERSON WHO FINALLY CHASED THEM.

Source: Calvin Wong Tze Loon’s Twitter

It is strange that a professional journalist cannot accept the outcome of a trial by a jury of his peers in a situation where the evidence has been exposed and televised.

There is no evidence that “neighboring Nazis” or GamerGate had anything to do with the manipulation of the trial or the public perception of Johnny Depp’s victory.

What do you think of this PC Gamer contributor’s comments about Johnny Depp supporters being Nazis? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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