Overwatch 2’s Infinity Shield bug could see Brigitte and Kiriko removed

The problems just won’t stop, as an Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug now affects Blizzard FPS game. As if the ice wall bug who removed Mei was not enough, or the Stronghold feat which took the hero bot out for a while, there is now yet another bug that could see Brigitte out of service if not addressed quickly.

While a similar issue to the Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug existed in the first game, which you can no longer play, this new bug requires a slightly different approach. Essentially, you can give Brigitte an invincible shield with the help of new hero Kiriko, and I shouldn’t have to explain why that’s such a big deal.

For posterity’s sake, I’m going to describe how the Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug is done, so hopefully Blizzard reads and can take notes. Brigitte’s shield, when broken, will have a five second cooldown and will still be at one HP, and if another player uses Kiriko’s ultimate ability to reduce Brigitte’s cooldown before it actually begins to regenerate, the shield will return faster but with HP and will be invincible. You can’t actually protect bash while the bug is active.

The Not Muda YouTube channel has a breakdown of the Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug, which you can watch below.

Brigitte’s shield bugs aren’t new, but since this Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug comes at a time when the multiplayer game is in a turbulent state with hero deletions and microtransaction complaints, that certainly doesn’t help.

Many players think this means that Brigitte and/or Kiriko will be the next heroes to be removed from match rotation, as Kiriko’s ultimate is apparently bothering other heroes as well. Questions then arose as to whether this Overwatch 2 Brigitte bug was really under control, due to the shield’s small size, to which forum user Krojack says:

“I don’t see what ‘OP’ is because the shield is too small for an entire team. Another thing I wouldn’t want to be part of her legitimate kit. If Brig gets close enough, she’ll die at cause of all the damage caused by the splashes flying everywhere.

A bug is a bug though, and we’ve yet to hear from Blizzard when they’ll fix it, or what it might mean for Brigitte and Kiriko in the future.

If you need help with Blizzard’s shooter, we’ve got a range of articles that should help, like a Overwatch 2 Tier List which breaks down the best heroes in the game, and a look at the best overwatch 2 settings for PC and FPS graphics.

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