Original Video Game Paintings Reach New Audiences as Online Gallery Launches

Experience classic video game boxes from the 80s and 90s in an entirely new way with the launch of OriginalVideoGameArt.com: a platform, virtual gallery and forum dedicated to sharing and enjoying original artwork of video games and responsible artists. Original Video Game Art (OVGA) presents these original paintings in all their glory for seasoned collectors and newcomers to the hobby.

Engage with never-before-seen original video game artwork from your childhood…

The OVGA strives to advance appreciation and awareness of the art of video gaming. Passionate collectors of video games and original artwork compile, create and moderate content on OVGA for free. The website stores two databases, one for cataloging art and the other for indexing artist information. The site also provides a forum for in-depth discussion, as well as serving as a resource for questions about the conservation, storage and framing of works of art.

Until the mid-1990s, nearly all video game box art was hand-painted, whether full scenes, logos and titles, or one-off illustrations. Everything was done by hand and the physical artwork underpinned the packaging at the heart of the games marketing. Attractive and dynamic art captured the attention of gamers and helped sell games long before the prevalence of social media and online reviews.

“It would be easy to assume that these works of art could not be in the hands of collectors,” explains Ibrahim Faraj, founder of the OVGA. “However, many of these paintings were not kept by the game companies themselves. Thus, some collectors were able to obtain the original works of art that they remember from their childhood. box being often uncredited at the time of its release and the information in danger of being lost over time, private collectors have played an important role in the research, documentation and preservation of these works of art.

Uncropped and unobstructed by logos and copied text, original artwork provides an unparalleled viewing experience. Through informational resources and curated artist biographies, the OVGA seeks to add context and enhance the beauty of these works. Each is a treasure and collectors play a vital role in their preservation.

The OVGA strives to give back and provide a platform for collectors to meet, discuss shared appreciation, and ensure the preservation of original video game art. Being part of the OVGA community is about more than just collecting, but about building relationships along the way.

OVGA looks forward to being part of your collecting journey and helping you preserve these beloved pieces of video game history. OVGA can be found at www.originalvideogameart.com

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