Original Left 4 Dead survivors have arrived in Zombie Army 4, for free


Here at PCGamesN, we welcome the Left 4 Dead-like era. This year’s E3 made it clear that the popular genre right now is not battle royale games or auto-battlers, this is the formula established by the zombie game Ur developed years ago by Turtle Rock and Valve. Now, the original Left 4 Dead Survivor Team has arrived in Zombie Army 4 as a free DLC pack to celebrate yet another drop in content for Season Pass 3.

The character pack – which is free to all Zombie Army 4 players – includes Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey, all tweaked up a bit to suit the more modern visuals of Zombie Army 4. They’re just a hint of it. of what’s to come in Season Pass 3, however. Season pass owners also get a new mission today – it’s called Abaddon Asylum, and it’s the perfect place to take a ride with the classic characters.

This is the second mission in the “Return to Hell” campaign, following the events of Terminal Error. In Abaddon Asylum, you will finish hunting down the evil Baron Umbra in his lair in order to get him out and finally put an end to his evil occult plan.

Of course, that involves mowing down hordes of the dragging dead. You can get a feel for the vibe in the trailer, here:

The latest DLC update includes a new MP.1940 SMG pack, plus some cool new helmets, outfits, and skins. It is also available for purchase separately if you do not have a season pass.

While we look forward to Back 4 Blood and Redfall, this new Zombie Army 4 mission will be just what it takes to keep our zombie slaying skills at the forefront.

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