Oblivion mod lets you order real pizza in the Bethesda RPG

We know gaming can leave you feeling peckish, so now an Oblivion mod lets you order pizza in Bethesda’s classic RPG game and have it arrive at your doorstep. Since the introduction of a Pizza Hut collaboration with the MMORPG EverQuest II in 2005 that allowed players to type /pizza in the in-game chat window to order a delicious dinner without even minimizing their gameplay, the idea of ​​ordering real food via a virtual world has been a noble aspiration. This is now possible in The Elder Scrolls IV.

Initially, modder Nickies (who goes by Nikies42 on Nexus Mods) says they made the mod – which lets you order Domino’s pizza by talking to an in-game NPC – as an experiment, and that they only publicly uploaded it “just to prove to a stream that I wasn’t lying or faking the video of me placing the order. However, after it started to gain popularity online, Nickies decided to “do some work to make it easier for others to use”.

Once you have the mod installed, ordering the pizza is quite simple. Just find the NPC called Pizza Nickies Black who is outside of Weye, near the entrance to the Imperial City Bridge, and let him know you want the usual. Due to its prototype form, Nickies notes that “order customization is still not implemented and may never be”, so by default you’ll end up with a 12-inch, eight-inch thin crust pizza. garlic bread twists and a bottle of Fuze Lemon Tea, for a total cost (at the time of writing) of US$28.23.

Nickies notes that if you know Domino’s product codes, you can implement them in the wonderfully named “pizza.py” text file which contains all the details of your order and customize what will result. The whole process is, of course, a lot more complicated than just logging into your favorite pizza delivery service (other options are available) and placing an order there, but where’s the fun in that?

Of course, this mod comes with some more important caveats. It’s currently only available in the US and requires you to enter both your shipping address and payment card details into the file, which then uses a Python code wrapper for Domino’s API Pizza connects to the internet and places the order with Dominos. As such, Nickies points out – just like us – that you use this mod at your own risk. But can you put a price on the pizza? If you are still determined to try it for yourself, you can find Nickies Pizzablivion at Nexus Mods.

Pizza Hut continued its expansion into the video game market in August with a Genshin Impact Pizza Hut collaboration that became so overcrowded that local police were forced to shut it down for security reasons. If you want weirder Elder Scrolls mods, why not try out some of the best Skyrim mods? Meanwhile, a former Bethesda developer who worked on the series is creating a new horror-hunting game called The Axis Unseen, which they claim is five times bigger than Skyrim.

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