Nintendo Switch DLC that may come in the following expansion pack

The door has been opened for older DLCs to come to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack and Nintendo have no shortage of games to choose from. Indeed, Nintendo embraced the concept of DLC in a new way throughout the Nintendo Switch generation, allowing games to receive significant content updates after launch. Now that Splaton 2The DLC from is in the expansion pack, that means more DLC might be on the way to the service.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack was criticized at launch for its lack of content relative to its price. The addition of N64 games was welcomed until people saw how sloppy emulation was on some games. The only DLC available to subscribers at launch was for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it raised questions about how the content would be treated once someone stopped subscribing. The response to the expansion pack has become more positive over time, with N64 emulation being cleaned up and more day one DLC being added, including the Mario Kart 8 Booster Pack course.

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The DLC for Splaton 2 was added to the expansion pack without much fanfare, but it could mean big things for the service in the future. The Nintendo Switch offers a number of high-quality games with DLC, and bringing this additional content to subscribers could entice more people to check out these old titles. Some games are more likely to have their DLC in the expansion pack than others, due to their popularity and how long they have been available in the market.

Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass

Breath of the Wild 2 Expansion Pass DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time and adding its DLC to the expansion pack would be a huge boon to the service. The first DLC of breath of the wild The Expansion Pass added Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, Hero’s Path Mode, and Travel Medallion. It also added new clothing and armor, including Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet, Korok’s Pole, Tingle’s Outfit, and Ghost Armor Set.

The second DLC pack for breath of the wild added the Final Trial dungeon, sixteen new shrines, the One-Hit Obliterator weapon, and the Master Cycle Zero. It also added new clothing and armor, including Zant’s Helmet, Ravio’s Hood, Island Lobster Shirt, Phantom Ganon’s Outfit, and Royal Guard’s Outfit. The popularity of breath of the wild and the fact that it’s been out for so long means it’s a strong candidate for its DLC to be added to the expansion pack. Adding the breath of the wild The expansion pass for the expansion pack could also be used to speed up the arrival of the sequel when it arrives in 2023.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass (including Torna – The Golden Country)

the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass added many useful items, quests and Challenge Battle mode. However, what makes it truly valuable is Torna – The Golden Countrywhich is its own individual story set 500 years before the events of the main game. Torna – The Golden Country had its own unique take on the combat system of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it explores the backstory of some of the main storyline characters.

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It takes more than fifteen hours to complete Torna – The Golden Country and it received positive reviews from critics upon its launch. Adding the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The expansion pass for the expansion pack could help promote Xenoblade Chronicles 3 when it launched in July.

Age Of Calamity Expansion Pass As Online DLC For Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda Age of Calamity Princess Zelda Cover

As part of its Expansion Pass, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC added in two waves. The first wave added a playable version of one of the Guardians of breath of the wild, the Flail weapon for Link, the Master Cycle for Princess Zelda, and the Royal Ancient Tech Lab stage, which allowed players to unlock new features. The second wave added three playable characters (Purah, Robbie, and Sooga), new story sequences for champions, new stages that show what Hyrule was like before Calamity Ganon arrived, and more challenging boss battles. the Age of Calamity The downloadable content was considered disappointing, mainly because it launched so long after the game was released, but it would be more welcome as a freebie for the expansion pack.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC for NSO Expansion Pack

Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC Puckstravangza

Luigi’s mansion 3 has amazing DLCs. The multiplayer pack for Luigi’s mansion 3 adds several amazing mini-games tailor-made for parties and playing with friends on the couch. Both DLC waves added six new multiplayer games in ScreamPark mode, twelve new themed ghosts, six new outfits for Luigi, and six new floors for ScareScraper mode. The DodgeBrawl DLC mini-game in Luigi’s mansion 3 is one of the most underrated multiplayer experiences in the system and including it in the Expansion Pass would help ruin even more friendships across the world. The addition of Luigi’s mansion 3 The expansion pack DLC would make a great gift around Halloween.

The ultimate DLC fighters from Super Smash Bros. could be part of the NSO expansion pack

Cover of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC list.

It is possible that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters could join the NSO expansion pack, but that’s more of a problem than in previous examples, as some of those characters are owned by companies other than Nintendo. The business deal that allows characters like Sora, Steve, and Sephiroth to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is unknown, and there may be complications that prevent them from being distributed to expansion pack subscribers.

There are games owned by Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters that might appear in the expansion pack. The most obvious choice is Piranha Plant, as it has already been given away for free to early adopters of the game. Other Nintendo-owned characters that could be part of the expansion pack are Min-Min from ARMByleth of Fire Emblem: Three Housesand Pyra/Mythra of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. If Nintendo is able to give away all DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (including Mii Fighter costumes), then that would be a big draw for Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack.

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