Nintendo should retroactively add DLC packs to go online + expansion pack

Nintendo Switch Online had an interesting story. When the system was first launched, it did not come with a paid service. For much of the Switch’s first year, using online features in all of its games was free. Eventually, however, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch Online service, which retroactively restricted online usage in all Switch games. The service was affordable compared to those offered by PlayStation and Xbox, and also offered a steadily growing library of later NES and SNES games. It wasn’t the best service or using the best online infrastructure, but it was a reasonable request with some nice perks.


At the end of 2021, Nintendo revealed the next step for Switch Online: Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, a higher price point for the online service. Buying this also gave users a growing list of N64 and Sega Genesis games. Due to emulator issues and the higher price, Nintendo fans weren’t eager to add the expansion pack to their expenses. The library and, apparently, the features of the N64 emulator have improved over time, but it will take a lot more than that to convince many of those who just want to play online. The secret to achieving this may lie in the expansion pack’s other incentive: offering certain DLC packs as part of its package.

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The expansion pack could be a huge boon for switching subscribers online

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The Nintendo Switch online expansion pack was introduced alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘Happy Home Paradise DLC. This major expansion of the game was also included in the expansion pack, which allowed it to be used for free with the base as long as the corresponding Switch account was subscribed to the service. Many were confused by this at the time, but now that Mario Kart 8 DeluxeThe staggering 48 DLC courses are also an incentive, Nintendo’s strategy makes more sense. For those who frequently purchase first-party Nintendo games, the expansion pack will provide instant access to post-launch content, especially for titles with online functionality.

Although investing extra money in the service seems pointless at the moment, heavy Nintendo Switch users may find the deal seems nicer as Nintendo continues to add DLC to it. Should they have paid for DLCs, online titles like the next Mario Strikers: Battle League and Splaton 3 could produce great additions to the expansion pack. Even if Splaton 3 has another solo expansion, which would still be an added value if immediately placed in the service. Yes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 also has a season pass, he can also participate. Nintendo should focus on including as many big DLC ​​packs and season passes in the expansion pack as possible.

Older DLC will attract more Switch owners to the expansion pack

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Speaking of breath of the wild, Nintendo should seriously consider expanding the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack DLC incentives to include older games. Retroactively adding larger paid DLCs to the service will attract a lot of attention, especially if larger games are a priority. The first one breath of the wild has quite a bit of unique content in its season pass, but its challenge-focused nature may not appeal to potential buyers. Expansion pack owners might get a chance to try it out. Splaton 2Octo Expansion is challenging single-player DLC in a similar vein, with the added benefit of being a primarily multiplayer game that encourages Nintendo Switch Online purchases.

Other paid post-launch content would be obvious additions to the service. Super Smash Bros UltimateBoth Fighters Passes are ideal, as they would support online multiplayer play, and their notoriety would benefit the expansion pack itself. Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC would also be great incentives, and Pokemon Home could even be integrated with its normal fees substituted for those of the service. With the chance to try things like Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamitydownloadable content from and possibly other future content like fan-requested downloadable content Mario Party Superstarsthere’s a lot of value Nintendo can add to the expansion pack through the bonus DLC.

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